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If you’re thinking of visiting an escape room soon, be sure to consider all the options Orlando has to offer. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between The Escape Effect and Breakout so that you can make a better-informed decision when reserving your next experience.

What makes Escape Effect different from Breakout?  Size Matters.

By Orlando standards, Breakout escape rooms are all moderate in stature.  Their physical size can work well for a small family.

The Escape Effect offers escape rooms of all different sizes, ranging from the more quaint to twice as big!  Thus, If you have a larger group, we can cater with games that comfortably work well with up to ten players.

What makes Escape Effect different from Breakout?  Tailored To You.

At Breakout, they offer escape rates for each of their games.  So, if you are a first-timer, you might choose to play Heart of a Pirate (75% escape rate) instead of Zombie Roadhouse (20% escape rate).

At The Escape Effect, we do use difficulty ratings and we also have the ability to adjust the game’s challenge level based on your team’s experience. If you prefer that, please let your host know in advance.

Oh, and if you have kids, let your host know that too so we can make the appropriate adjustments! We’ve done things in the past like keeping the door open or turning up the lighting to make whomever requests it more comfortable.

What makes Escape Effect different from Breakout?  Longer Games.

If you went to a movie and it was over in 60 minutes, would you be satisfied?

Breakout has four games at 60 minutes and one at 75 minutes.

The Escape Effect is the first to introduce escape rooms longer than 60 minutes.  In fact, A Knight To Escape runs a full two hours – it’s one of only two 2-hour escape rooms in the entire country!

What makes Escape Effect different from Breakout?  Brand New Themes.

As you play more and more escape rooms, you’re bound to see themes repeat themselves – “circus”, “zombies”, “pirates”, and more.

The more cliche themes are absolutely fun for first-timers, but may become stale for players who have more experience under their belts.

If you’re looking for a fresh theme, you’ll need to come to The Escape Effect where you’ll be able to choose from four awesome themes, including a Greek temple or a 1920s Theatre.

What makes Escape Effect different from Breakout?  No Minimums Required.

The regularly accepted minimum for escape rooms is typically advertised as two players.

Breakout appears to have disposed of their general 4-ticket minimum across all their games and replaced them with varying per-game minimums. We’ve played a couple of their games a few years ago and found, at the time, that Ringmaster could be physically played as a single person and Zombie Roadhouse could be physically played with as few as three players, not the respective 4-player and 6-player minimums Breakout is currently enforcing on their booking page for those games.

At The Escape Effect, we keep with 2-player minimums, allow single players on occasion, and only require four players for A Knight To Escape because the puzzles physically require it.

Always Private Games.

Before the pandemic, Breakout offered public games.

Before quarantine, The Escape Effect offered the choice between public and private.  Since quarantine, most every venue, including us, has gone completely private as one of several measures to promote a safer environment.

We have reason to suspect that Breakout has gone back to public, but we also have reason to think that they remain private. We have also noticed changes to their time limits and minimum number of players. It is best if you contact them directly and ask.

Have you been convinced?

Of course, we hope you’ll select The Escape Effect for your next escape room.  But even if you choose to play at Breakout this time, we sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves.  Escape rooms can be so much fun and after you’re done playing there, we hope you’ll be curious what’s behind door #2…

Still Not Sure? Here’s The Deal!

We aren’t sure how else to convince you that The Escape Effect is the place to be, so here’s a secret!  Use code BOVIP at checkout to save 20% on any of our escape rooms.  No other discounts apply.


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