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There’s no denying that Orlando’s theme parks are some of the city’s most popular features.  The sprawling expanse of Disney and the movie-inspired attractions at Universal are probably the most renowned, though places like Seaworld and Legoland aren’t far behind.  Given all that the parks contain, there’s good reason for that popularity.  However, visiting an escape room can be just as fun as going to one of the theme parks.

Lower Cost Per Person

Cost is the first big difference.  A single one-park ticket for Disney or Universal can cost over $100—more during their busiest seasons, and that doesn’t even include parking.  Parking Disney and Universal is $25 and $26, respectively.  For a family of four, getting into the theme parks for one day would cost over $400.  At The Escape Effect, four people could play Sherlock Studies for less than half the price, and parking is free.

Another difference with a theme park visit is how crowded the parks can be.  Even during the off season, it’s easy to get lost in the crowds.  During summer and the holiday season, the parks become incredibly busy.  You could find yourself waiting in line for over an hour before getting on a ride. Thanks to our convenient reservation system, The Escape Effect doesn’t have large crowds or long lines to worry about.  You just pick the time for the room you chose, check in with the host, and play.

No Crowds No Lines
Come Play In All Weather

Theme parks can be nice when the weather is good, but Florida summers are notoriously unpredictable.  Storms can blow in quickly and drench you during an outing.  Even without the storms, summer temperatures can reach over 90 degrees.  That’s pretty hot when you’re going to spend your day outside.  However, weather is no problem at an escape room.  Whether it’s hot or cold out, in rain or shine, The Escape Effect will give you a fun experience.

Visiting theme parks involves a lot of walking, which can be exhausting under the summer sun.  People can walk over ten miles in one day at the Disney parks.  It’s good exercise, but your feet will be very tired at the end of the day.  Going to an escape room isn’t nearly as taxing on the body, and it will be a workout for your brain.

Less Walking More Thinking

While theme parks are fun, escape rooms also have a lot to offer.  Come to The Escape Effect and you’ll find a unique experience without having to worry about the challenges that come with theme parks.

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