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A Knight To Escape

Will you be able to escape this 2 hour adventure?

Two female players enter a dark space with only the lanterns to guide their way.

4-8 Players

Team Size


Critical Skill

120 Minutes

Max Duration


In a time already long past over the countryside of England, a feud among brothers took place.  Cassius slayed Dominic for the throne and imprisoned many of his followers.  Navigate through Stonebury Castle in an attempt to reunite with your comrades.  Will you escape before being tortured?

A Knight to Escape is Florida’s only 2-hour escape room.  Fans of Medieval Times or jailbreak-style games will particularly appreciate the adventure.

Special Minimum

A Minimum of 4 players is physically required, but at least 6 players is recommended.

Unique Start

Players split into two groups for most of the game – one half light, the other dark.

Always Private

This game is a private experience, you will not be paired with strangers.

The players examine various wanted posters.
The player is emerging from a pair of small wooden doors and is glancing a few wanted posters.
The player gazes nervously into a small window, into the castle.
The players lift a portrait of the late king to reveal a hidden compartment.
The player reaches into a glowing treasure chest with a curious grin.
The players examine the various arrows on the archery target.