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At Odds With The Gods

You have 90 minutes to become immortal.

The player is attaching the sun to Apollo and Artemis' hutch in this 90 minute escape room..

Up To 10 Players

Team Size


Critical Skill

90 Minutes

Max Duration


Travel to Mount Olympus to face challenges from the ancient Greek gods in a quest to become immortal.  Spar against the likes of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and more!  Will you conquer it all before the sun sets?  Or will you walk the Earth as a mere mortal forever?

At Odds With The Gods is our amped-up 90-minute puzzle room.  The game is bright and challenges are obvious.  A great game for enthusiast groups or larger first-timer teams. 

Larger Teams

This game is optimized for larger teams and at least 5 players are recommended.

Special Challenge

There is an optional challenge within the temple that can make teams more successful.

Tuned Difficulty

The host can customize the room based on size and experience of the team.

Orlando’s Only 90 Minute Escape Room

Who will successfully challange the Greek Gods in this 90 minute escape room epic.

The players weighing fruit to prepare a bountiful harvest for Demeter.
The players are mapping out Hermes' delivery routes.
The players are attempting to assemble a unique puzzle.