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Will you beat the wrecking ball?

This Game Is Now Retired

The players find the clues they need to unlock a small box on a vanity in front of a mirror in this 60 minute escape room.
Up To 6 Players
Team Size
Critical Skill
60 Minutes
Max Duration


It is rumored that the original owner of the 1920s abandoned theatre hid a stash of cash and jewelry that is ripe for the taking.  It’s present day now and the theatre is in a state of disrepair.  Demolition has been scheduled.  Will you find the stash and make it out ahead of the wrecking ball?

Encore is our traditional 60-minute game with a very non-traditional lighting feature.  Great game for lovers of theatre and swing music.  It’s a real challenge for all skill levels.

Smaller Teams

Teams of at least 3 players are recommended, but couples can also have a great date night.

Lighting Feature

Players will encounter moments of low lighting throughout the theatre.

Tuned Difficulty

The host can customize the room based on size and experience of the team.

Orlando’s Most Unique Gameplay

Explore a dark and abandoned theatre in the hopes to claim the loot as your own in this unique 60 minute escape room expirence.

The player is using the theater's blueprint to search for the loot.
The players enter the dark dressing room, only lit by the vanity lights.
A player attempting to wire the spot lights on the lighting board.