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Tales From An Escape Room Host

Although it takes a number of different roles and skills to operate an escape room effectively, as guests, you’ll largely interact with us – the hosts.  Our primary function is to ensure that you have the best experience possible.  And that’s what we’re exploring with this article – just what is it like to be a host for an escape room?

The players discover a blue chamber of the temple with a mural of Poseidon.
The players discover a blue chamber of the temple with a mural of Poseidon.

Before the game

Because the escape room industry is relatively young and inconsistent, guests will sometimes ask questions about how many hints we offer during a game (answer: unlimited) or whether we actually lock guests in the rooms (answer: no).

Specific to The Escape Effect, we will also be asked questions about our unique games and game durations.  Whether you call in advance or walk in, it’s our responsibility as your host to answer whichever questions you may have.

A player presses the host button to request a hint.
A player presses the host button to request a hint.

During the game

We’ll also be your guide when you’re ready to play.  We’ll demonstrate specific features of the room – like locks and how the hint system works.  We’ll even remind you that every item in the game is “once and done”, which just means that once an item has been used to solve a puzzle or open something, you can remove that item from play.

Once we start the game for you, we effectively become your gamemaster.  In the control room, we’re formulating potential hints as we track your progress.  If you hit the hint button, we’ll be prepared to offer you a small nudge in the right direction or we’ll answer any question you may have.

Every host here has been trained to know the games inside and out.  In fact, when we were all hired, we played every game – often solo (except for A Knight To Escape).  Yes, it may have taken us two hours to complete Sherlock Studies, but we sure did know come out of that game knowing every detail!

After the game

When the game is completed, we’ll be there to greet you in the game.  We’ll be happy to take a photo of your team and answer any questions you may have.

Once you have left, we’ll perform our cleanups.  The games are reset and disinfected.  And we’ll regularly tidy up the lounge and bathrooms.  We’ll ensure supplies are topped – hand sanitizer, soap, water, etc.  We do all of this as hosts because we want to be ready for when you walk through our doors next.

Being a host is all about the you and making your experience wonderful and engaging.  Whether you are a local or are visiting Orlando, we are here for the you for the entire experience.  We hope to see you soon!


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