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Before you purchase that group coupon, STOP!  There’s more to that discount than meets the eye.  Read on to find out how to save just as much, if not more.  After all, we love to save $$$ too!

Best Of Orlando 2020 & 2021 Winners
Best Of Orlando 2020 & 2021 Winners

Premium experience

For escape rooms, when you come to a place like The Escape Effect, you’re paying for custom experiences not repeated anywhere else, top-of-the-line hosting, and the longest games in all of Florida!

It’s easy to say it ourselves, but when the local Orlando publication recognizes you as the #1 Entertainment Experience, you know you’re getting something premium.

Group coupon sites don’t always have higher-end experiences like this, and there’s usually a reason why the cheaper stuff generally ends up on a group coupon site.

Dan and Jamie cut the ribbon during Grand Opening.
Dan and Jamie cut the ribbon during Grand Opening.

Local business

Small businesses may or may not be important to you.  We hope if it’s not, that we can convince you otherwise right now.

Did you know that The Escape Effect is a small business?  We have built a single location with games that we have custom designed and developed from scratch – every piece of wood, all the graphics, and even the electronics.  There is nobody that matches what we do at the detail we do it at.

If you continue to support the big chains, they become bigger and the smaller guys become smaller.  That leads to less competition, which leads to less innovation.  Without innovation, escape rooms will become stale.  You might not see this today, but you would see it years from now.

Think about it this way…

Without innovation, you’d solve Sherlock’s mystery without any thought.  Without innovation, you’d be exploring the Grand Compass without those cool tools.  Without innovation, you wouldn’t know what it feels like to play a 2-hour escape room.

In other words, escape rooms will all become “fast-food chains” – not exactly the selection you really want, as a consumer.

Here’s the secret

Did you know that these group coupon places can make MORE money on the sale than what you save?  Isn’t that ridiculous?!  Yea, we’re not kidding.  We’ve been approached by a group coupon company several times to come on board.  After reading through their terms, we declined to sign anything.

Their proposal was to take 50% of every sale and another 4% for credit card transaction fees.  There were other terms about how long and how much offers needed to be discounted and even some weird things like holding on to the money for six months until the business would eventually be paid.

As a consumer, this might not matter to you much on the surface.  But let’s say that you purchased a hypothetical escape room from us on a group coupon site.  The experience is valued at $120, but you get it for $96 (20% off).  Great!  Now, the group coupon site you just purchased from is going to make approximately $52 on that purchase.  You saved $24.  Does that seem fair?

Save right now

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for saving money.  You might find us in the occasional advertisement, but none gouge like group coupons do.  Instead, each and every day, we publish offers that you can use directly from us.

Please continue to support businesses that offer you products and services that you enjoy and appreciate.  And here at The Escape Effect, we always appreciate you and your business.


If you’re still hung up on using a group coupon, here’s a secret nobody else knows.  Use code BETTERDEAL at checkout for a “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” deal to any of our escape rooms.  No other discounts apply.


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