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At Odds With The Gods

The First 90 Minute Escape Room In Orlando


90 Minutes


1-10 Players





At Odds With The Gods

An Epic Escape Room For Everyone!

90 minutes, 2-10 players, Difficulty: 7/10

At Odds With The Gods is a legendary 90 minute escape room perfect for first-timers or experienced speed runners. Travel to Mount Olympus to face challenges from the ancient gods of Greek mythology. Defeat them and claim the ambrosia for yourself.

Although no outside knowledge is required to succeed, fans of the Percy Jackson series will appreciate nods to the mythos.

Best Mix Of Puzzles Brightly Lit Shortcut Challenge
A player unlocking a chamber within the ancient temple in the 90 minute escape room.
A player unlocking a chamber within the ancient temple.

Recommended Team Size

Everybody Plays No Matter The Team Size

This game is great for anyone because the environment is very bright and the challenges can take input from multiple players. On top of that, there are many opportunities where a team can optionally split themselves up in a divide-and-conquer scenario, As such, we recommend at least five players because nobody will feel left out, even in a larger group. With 90 minutes, there’s plenty of time for your team to explore and work through the puzzles.

The players examine a stone fresco depicting a few of the various gods.
The players examine a stone fresco depicting a few of the various mythological gods.
The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.
The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

Varying Difficulty

Popular With Puzzle Enthusiasts

At Odds With The Gods is a traditional escape room with more puzzles than any other escape room in Orlando AND also includes a wide variety of puzzles types that will keep even the most seasoned puzzler guessing at what’s coming up next. Additionally, our hosts can adjust the puzzle challenge based on the number of players and experience level of the team.

A trip To Mount Olympus

The Gods watch from Olympus, Atlantis, and Hades

Travel to Mount Olympus and face off against each of the Greek gods, even those from Hades and from Atlantis! Don’t lose or you’ll need to go back to your ordinary, mortal life. Will you conquer it all, secure the ambrosia, and become immortal?

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Did you know the Greek gods wore shirts?

Zeus is particular to the graphic tee shirt since it matches his bolts. Hades is unsurprisingly partial to the pins. And we hear those coins might buy you a one-way trip down the River Styx. Available for purchase online now or in-store.