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Orlando’s Only 90-Minute Spooky Escape Game

Fright Before Your Eyes


90 Minutes


2-6 Players





A photograph of a silhouette inspecting a noticeboard with magic show tour names on.
A silhouette inspecting a noticeboard with magic show tour names on it.

Fright Before Your Eyes

A “Scary” Ghost Hunting Escape Game!

90 minutes, 2-6 players, Difficulty: 8/10, Pitch Black w/ Flashlights

Come one come all to this fascinating theatre of macabre machinations!

Delve into the mind of Victor Strange, a magician with a dark secret. In Fright Before Your Eyes, act as ghost hunters and equip yourselves with specialized tools that will answer the question – what really happened to Victor’s assistants 100 years ago?

Fans of Ghostbusters and Luigi’s Mansion have particularly loved their experiences with this fresh take on thrilling and scary escape rooms. In an escape room longer than 1 hour, there’s plenty of time to explore every corner of this pitch black theatre.

With our ability to adjust our rooms to your needs, you’ll find Fright Before Your Eyes to be a scary escape room tailored to fit your exact fear limits. But you don’t have to just take us at our word, other experienced escapers agree this room is a spooky good time!

Detailed Story & Exploration Non-Linear Gameflow Dark & Thrilling

The room and story were the best I’ve seen.

– Google

The Most Advanced Tech In Orlando

The Tools Of The Ghost Hunting Trade

As professional ghost hunters, you know a thing or two about contacting the world beyond. And you always come equipped with the right tools for the job. Combine the technological powers of the Spectre Detector 1000™ and Spectre Detector 2000™ to search for the clues the spirits have left behind.

There are secrets everywhere you could look, and the ectoplasmic spirit energy is thick enough to cut through in this theatre. Your equipment will pick up many readings, and it’s up to you to use your expertise and decipher their meanings. All while braving the cryptic darkness that surrounds you.

The theatre is filled with an eerie darkness. You’ll need to rely on these tools to be able to perceive the various clues and puzzles. In this scary escape room, a keen sense of focus is key to keep yourself on the track to victory!

A photograph of the SD1000 device used in Fright Before Your Eyes.

Spectre Detector 1000

Visualize the spirits’ messages.

A photograph of a SD2000 device being held to contact spirits in Fright Before Your Eyes.

Spectre Detector 2000

Hear the spirits’ messages.

This unique box is responsible for collecting spirit energy and translating that into human audio forms. When scanning a spirit item, hold in place for at least three seconds. If you accidentally scan an item that does not contain spirit energy, you might need to wait for the device to recharge.

A Dark Secret

Meet Victor Strange

Meet Victor Strange, a magician from 100 years past with a dark secret. Loved by his adoring fans, but also quite the light-hearted lunatic to those closest to him. His assistants held the dark truth behind the illusion, but their voices were never heard.

Don’t Be Scared

A Very, Very, Very Dark Theatre

If there was such a thing as a family friendly scary escape room, Fright Before Your Eyes could be it. Although the Grand Compass Theatre is in the pitch black darkness, your team will find flashlights to help illuminate the place. Use what light you can and communicate with each other to navigate the shadows.

If you don’t like being startled or have anyone not-so-brave on your team, let your host know to make adjustments. We can bring the lights up a bit, share with you any questionable areas that may frighten, or even let you play with the door open.

A photograph of sandbags and sacks hanging from the rafters of the scary escape room.
Sandbags and sacks hanging from the rafters.
A photograph of a distressed banner with the words This Way written across it and a pointing hand.
A distressed banner indicating “This Way” on a wall.

Bonus Round

Ghosts (And Secrets) Are All Around

Exploring the Grand Compass is a layered experience. At first, it seems one way, but then it’s another. And there’s more to it than just the ghosts. No detail should be overlooked. Stay focused on what you can see, no matter how scary the magician’s machinations and ethereal enigmas become.

In fact, there’s a secret that’s hidden somewhere in the game and there’s at least three clues from outside the game that can help you find it. Should you come across it, share it with your host and we’ll give the clever player a memento to take home with them. X marks the spot!

Ready to challenge this “scary” escape room? It’s easy to book online.

Voted Orlando’s #1 Entertainment Experience

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Grand Compass Souvenirs

The Grand Compass theatre produces some of the most treasured collectibles and apparel around. Of course, there’s a selection of items from when Victor was running the show, but there’s also limited items remaining from Antonio D’Acardo’s hidden Encore stash. Check availability in our online shop or ask a host after your game.