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Voted Orlando’s #1 Entertainment 4 Years In A Row!

Blue award shields showing that The Escape Effect was voted Best of Orlando four years running.

The Escape Effect

Home Of The Only 2-Hour Escape Room Orlando

Always private escape rooms, never play with strangers!

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Escape Effect Orlando Escape Rooms


A Feature-Length First

The Escape Effect was Orlando’s first to make escape rooms longer than 60 minutes, and the only in Florida to design a 2-hour escape room!


Unlimited Hints

We were also the first to offer unlimited hints with no penalties, so you can make the most of your experience.


Always Private

You’ll never have to worry about being grouped with strangers. Your escape room experience will only be for your friends and family.

MORE Puzzles, MORE Time, MORE Fun!

Blue award shields showing that The Escape Effect was voted Best of Orlando four years running.

Unique Themes & Gameplay

Four Amazing Escape Rooms In Orlando

The players are gathering the elements needed for Dr. Watson's medical experiment.

Sherlock Studies

Traditional Escape Room With A Twist!

Find And Deliver The Evidence In Time!

75 minutes, 2-8 players, Difficulty: 8/10

Linear Gameflow Reading Intensive Alternate Ending
The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

At Odds With The Gods

Orlando’s first 90-minute escape room

Conquer It All And Become Immortal!

90 minutes, 2-10 players, Difficulty: 7/10

Best Mix Of Puzzles Brightly Lit Shortcut Challenge
A shadowy figure using the SD1000 to view messages in Fright Before Your Eyes.

Fright Before Your Eyes

A Unique Ghost Hunting Escape Room!

Free The Spirits Before Sunrise!

90 minutes, 2-6 players, Difficulty: 8/10

Detailed Story & Exploration Non-Linear Dark & Thrilling
The players lift a portrait of the late king to reveal a hidden compartment.

A Knight To Escape

Florida’s only 2-hour escape room

Escape Before Being Imprisoned!

120 minutes, 4-8 players, Difficulty: 9/10

Split Sides 1/2 Bright & 1/2 Dim Heavy Communication

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Did You Know

What Is An Escape Room In Orlando Like?

An escape room is a real-life adventure game. You’ll explore the environment and solve challenges to reach some goal, like escaping a dungeon or solving a murder! And you’ll be doing all this with your friends and family as you race against the clock!

All Family-Friendly

Is The Escape Game Scary Like The Movies?

Our goal is for you to have fun. Some of our escape rooms are brighter and more light-hearted, others are more thrilling.

That said, if darkness is not your thing, please speak with us before or even during the game. Your host will do everything possible to accommodate your requests, including adjusting the lighting and sound to your liking.

The Escape Effect

We do escape room events like nobody else!

Latest & Greatest

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The Escape Effect was voted the #1 Entertainment Experience for the fourth time in a row!

Best of Orlando: Voted #1 Entertainment Experience Four Years In A Row!

For the fourth year in a row, we were voted #1 Entertainment Experience in Orlando Magazine’s “Best of Orlando” poll! Thank you once again for the recognition.

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