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At the peak of summer, we’re all looking around for some indoor activities to escape the heat. An escape room is a hands-on game that uses your brain power and communication skills to help solve puzzles as a group.  There are thrilling escape rooms made for adults, thematic rooms for kids, and many that are a great mix of both that the entire family can enjoy together.

With so much focus on these days with apps and digital games, it’s refreshing to have a real-world challenge that the whole family can participate in. Here are five reasons you’ll want to book an escape room visit the next time you see bad weather roll in.

A transparent umbrella on a rainy day.

It’s the perfect bonding opportunity

If the weather has canceled your camping trip or backyard barbecue, you can still get some quality time with the family by enjoying an escape room experience together.  Bring your group along for a unique adventure! Family members and friends can work collaboratively to solve the riddles and escape the room!  Our escape rooms are family-friendly, so kids and grown-ups alike can forget the weather and enjoy the puzzles. You’ll laugh, joke, and make memories the whole way through.

You can brush up on your communication skills

Communication is an important life skill for young kids, teens, and adults to work on.  In an escape room, communication is extremely important. When working to find clues throughout the rooms, you not only need to talk about your plans but listen to the ideas of others.  Sharing ideas and strategies, working together, and problem solving are all skills that you’ll use in everyday life. Our escape rooms, especially A Knight to Escape, are fun ways to improve communication skills.

You can unplug and enjoy some hands-on fun

To some, their main things to do in bad weather are often staying home to watch TV or game.  If you find yourself looking for something different to do, try going to an escape room. It’s a fun way to get out into the world without actually getting rained on. Immerse yourself in a dungeon or a Greek temple, work through interesting puzzles, and spend time with family and friends in a new environment. It’s one of the most fun indoor activities to spend your afternoon that doesn’t involve a single app on your phone.

Boost brain activity and positivity

The human brain thrives on diverse stimuli, and escape rooms are an excellent way to provide that. Every time you solve a puzzle it helps develop your brain, making you smarter and improving your memory.  Escape rooms are filled with interesting puzzles in unique settings, and they’re great for developing young minds and for strengthening memory skills for older people. What’s more, the satisfaction and adrenaline rush you get from completing the challenge under a time limit is hard to beat! What’s better than an indoor activity that lets you train your brain while having fun?

You’re guaranteed time in a cool, dry place

Being stuck at home due to bad weather is no fun. And who knows what could happen? The power could go out in the storms, or the AC could stop keeping up with the heat. An escape room is an activity where you’re assured to stay cool, and keep having fun. It takes place outside of the home, giving everyone some relief from cabin fever, and there’s no mud to worry about tracking into the house after a big storm. You get all the fun with none of the setup – or cleanup.

The next time your family is complaining about being stuck inside during bad weather, take them all on a little field trip to your local escape room at The Escape Effect.

Your hunt is over for indoor activities

If you’re looking for something to do indoors, look no further. Escape rooms truly are one of the most perfect indoor activities for those who wish to test their minds while also staying safe from the elements. Escape the heat, escape a room!

Beat the heat, The escape effect is open

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