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3 Reasons Why Your Next Party Needs To Be At The Escape Effect

When searching for an escape room experience in Orlando, there’s no need to look any further. Just as we have designed our escape games to be customizable for the players, we can also design a package that fits just right for your group. Our hosts understand that every group is different and will provide customized options to fit exactly what works well for your group.

The players are mapping out Hermes' delivery routes.
The players are mapping out Hermes’ delivery routes.


Volume Pricing

More players means saving more money. We offer special price rates for groups of 14 people or more.


Flexible Scheduling

Our games can be customized to fit your schedule. Choose the start times for your games and even the durations.


Extra Bonuses

We offer shirts, limited-edition merchandise, and even vouchers for special discounts on your future visits.

Exclusive group packages

Find The Perfect Option For Your Event

We have a variety of different group options to make your next event extra-special.

A group of players celebrate at The Escape Effect.

the best solution for large groups

Exclusive Escape

Make the most of your group event with an Exclusive Escape! Your group will have exclusive use of the venue. Split into four teams and challenge each of our escape rooms!

This is a great option for large groups, like office team building events or school trips.

An overnight escape

Extra Hours

Join us for an overnight extravaganza with Extra Hours. Your team will have four hours of non-stop puzzle-solving fun! Play any game you want until time runs out.

This is a great option for groups looking for a fun challenge, or those looking for a unique late-night party.

Extra Hours, an overnight escape room experience from The Escape Effect.
Sherlock and Watson standing in front of a bookcase filled with old leather bound books.

An extra-special experience

V.I.P. Events

Are you looking for an extra-special escape room experience? Book a V.I.P. event with us! Your team will get to play two of our amazing escape rooms, with two actors serving as your in-game hosts.

This is a great option for private groups looking for a unique escape room experience.

Worked Up An Appetite?

Eat And Escape

When you’ve finished solving puzzles and are ready to reward yourself, consider our exclusive discounts at local eateries. Sushi, smoothies and more!

Treat yourself after conquering our escape rooms.

Rolls of sushi on a serving platter.

Are you ready to book your group event?

Everyone Can Play!

Whether you’re here for holidays, celebrations, school field trips, or team building activities, The Escape Effect has you covered. We offer unique fun and have the best value for group escape room experiences in the Orlando area, period. Reserve your games today and find out why so many families and business organizations become repeat players every year.

Enjoy Options For All Ages

Unique Family Activities in Orlando

A group of players study a puzzle in At Odds with the Gods.
A group of players studies a unique puzzle.

AN Escape Room for kids and adults

Fun For Families Of All Sizes

Whether you live in the Orlando or Kissimmee areas, or you’re just here on vacation, our escape rooms are the perfect activities for your family. We’ll be happy to celebrate your birthday or family reunion with you, no matter how many people are in your group. Our rooms have a variety of themes and puzzles, so there’s something for everyone. We can also accommodate players of all skill levels to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Escape rooms are the #1 team building activity of the century!

everything you need to know

Team Building Questions

Build stronger relationships

What Is Team Building?

A strong team is one that’s comfortable working and talking with one another. Team building is how you achieve that. Through team building activities, people have a chance to get to know one another in a more casual setting. By giving everyone a common goal through the different activities, teammates can improve their communication and cooperation. If you’re looking for new and exciting team building ideas, try one of our escape rooms.

The development and hosting teams from The Escape Effect attempt to jump in unison.
The Escape Effect team members attempt to jump in unison.
The players are assembling a mind map of the evidence.
Two teammates are assembling a mind map of evidence.

Engaging activities for everyone

Why Are Team Building Activities Important?

The best team building activities give your team members goals and encourage friendly competition. When the team can bond while playing games, it’s more fun for everyone. There are many types of team building games, but escape rooms are a great way to bring everyone together. Our escape rooms offer unique and engaging experiences that encourage communication, critical thinking, and cooperation. And, as indoor team building activities, you never have to worry about the weather ruining your fun. Try one of our rooms today. They’re sure to be a hit!

Corporate Partner Discounts!

Did you know we offer discounts for employees at certain companies? Companies who have set up a partner discount not only save on their own ticket, but they also save off of the entire booking. That means you can bring your friends and family along for the fun!

Some of our current partners include Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld to name a few. Check with your employer to see if you currently receive a discount. If not, have your HR department reach out to set up a partner discount with us!

We’re Here For You

Any Other Questions?

Do you have any special requests? Want to speak with our Events Coordinator? Write to us, right here, right now. We’ll call you back.

The player receives a mystery call while backstage.

Not sure which escape room to play? We’re here to help.