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Kids have a lot of energy, and often there’s only so long they can stay entertained with one activity. If you need something new and you’re looking for fun things to do with kids in Orlando that the whole family can enjoy, check out one of the kid-friendly escape rooms the area has to offer. After playing one yourself, you’ll never have to ask what to do with kids in Orlando again! Here are five reasons to try one out with your family:

The players are assembling a mind map of the evidence in Sherlock Studies, a great escape room for kids.
The players are assembling a mind map of the evidence.

Reason 1: Brain-building

Escape rooms are like workouts for your brain in a lot of ways. Full of puzzles, they can help kids build analytical and problem-solving skills that will serve them well later in life. They might have to read and think critically to solve a mystery or map out various shapes to open a lock or engage in wordplay to solve a tricky riddle. Escape rooms can even help kids get better at doing their math homework!

Photograph of a wall sculpture featuring the Greek Gods.
A wall sculpture featuring the Greek Gods

Reason 2: Immersive Environments

Escape rooms have the word “escape” in their name for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is that they truly are an escape from reality. Become knights or ghost hunters! Travel to Mount Olympus or back in time to 19th century London! Whatever the theme, it is sure to engage with the imagination of kids and adults alike. These rooms aren’t just a challenge for your brain, but also a way to explore and play in a different reality for a while.

The players examine the various arrows on the archery target.
The players examine the various arrows on the archery target.

Reason 3: Family Bonding

One of the core aspects of an escape room is teamwork. There’s a reason that companies like to bring groups to escape rooms for team building! Families can also grow closer through these games as you work together to beat the clock and put together clues. No matter where you decide to play, these are games that can’t be done alone, and it also gives your kids a chance to take the spotlight! They might find the key piece of evidence that everyone else missed or put together some vital clues that the rest of the family couldn’t quite make fit. In a kid friendly escape room, everyone is important for success, no matter the age.

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The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.
The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

Reason 4: Multiple Kinds of Puzzles

All escape rooms are made up of many different puzzles, so while they do require concentration and team work, you won’t have to worry about doing the same thing the whole time. For your kids, this means that even if one puzzle doesn’t catch their interest, you only have to get to the next one in order to recapture their attention! And if you get stuck, you can always ask for a hint.

The players investigate the items on the desk for clues.
The players investigate the items on the desk for clues.

Reason 5: Fun every day of the year!

While theme parks are a major reason why families travel to Orlando, sometimes the weather just isn’t agreeable. Whether it’s extremely hot and humid or storming with thunder and lightning, Florida is not always the most comfortable place to spend time outside. Escape rooms are a fun indoor alternative to other kid friendly activities. So if you find your family stuck inside and wondering what to do with kids in Orlando, check out an escape room!

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