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For the last four years, The Escape Effect has been voted Orlando’s #1 Entertainment Experience! Why not come and discover for yourself what makes us the best? We make our guests feel like winners, from start to finish of their epic escape experience, and you’ll find just some of the reasons why below!

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Best Value On International Drive

If pricing is important to you, The Escape Effect has the best value per dollar anywhere on I-Drive in Orlando. In fact, you can play Florida’s only 2-hour escape room for as low as $35 per hour! We also have everyday special offers and even offer child prices as low as 50% off.

An icon representing all games are private at The Escape Effect.

Private Escape Rooms

If you prefer to play with only your nearest and dearest, that’s fine with us! At The Escape Effect you’ll never have to worry about being grouped with strangers. Unlike some other venues, all of our games are private, so we guarantee you will only be with your friends and family.

An icon representing the longest games in Orlando are at The Escape Effect.

Longest Escape Rooms In Florida

The Escape Effect was the first venue in Orlando to introduce games over 60 minutes, and A Knight To Escape is the longest escape room in Florida, running a full two hours! Additionally, At Odds With The Gods and Fright Before Your Eyes are both an epic 90 minutes each.

An icon representing that The Escape Effect is accessible to all.

ADA Accessible

At The Escape Effect, not only are our rooms ADA compliant, but all players can truly access every room within all of our games! We want everyone to have a great time when they play with us, and pride ourselves on being inclusive of everyone.

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An icon representing no player minimums at The Escape Effect.

No Minimum Number Of Players

Even if have a smaller team, we will not force you to purchase unnecessary extra tickets like some other venues do. The only minimum at The Escape Effect is A Knight To Escape because it contains interactions and puzzles that have such a physical requirement.

An icon representing Escape Effect games offer customization options.

Customized Especially For You

The Escape Effect has the ability to adjust the game’s challenge level based on your team’s skill. We can also adjust additional elements to make your experience more comfortable, like keeping the door open or turning up the lighting. Just let your host know in advance!

An icon representing no hint limits at The Escape Effect.

Unlimited Hints & No Penalties

When we opened in 2017, we changed up the hint system and were the first to recognize that guests play escape rooms for different reasons. When you play at The Escape Effect, you can have as many nudges or hints as needed, with no penalties.

An icon representing that there are no extra fees at The Escape Effect.

No Hidden Fees

As a consumer, it can be quite annoying when restaurants and other services do not disclose their charges up front. At The Escape Effect, the price that is advertised is the price you will pay plus the usual tax. You will not find any surprise service fees with us.

An icon representing Escape Effect games are great for groups.

Great For Groups

The Escape Effect can design a package that fits just right for your group, with special rates and flexible scheduling. Whether you’re here for holidays, celebrations, school field trips, or work outings, we have you covered. Trust us, we make team building actually fun!

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An icon representing unique themes at The Escape Effect.

Unique Themes Only Found In Orlando

As you play more and more escape rooms, you’re bound to see themes repeat themselves. At The Escape Effect, choose from four incredible themes you haven’t seen before, including a Greek temple or a 1920s Theatre, both of which are found nowhere else in Orlando or neighboring Kissimmee.

An icon representing the exciting gameplay at The Escape Effect.

Exciting Gameplay Styles

We all like different things, which is why we made diverse games! Whether you prefer linear or non-linear games, scavenger hunts, or murder mystery twists, we made sure there is something for everyone to enjoy at The Escape Effect!

An icon representing that The Escape Effect has large rooms.

Size Matters

The Escape Effect offers escape rooms of all different sizes, ranging from something perfect for a double-date night all the way to something twice as large! Thus, If you have a larger group, we can cater excellently with games that comfortably work well with up to ten players.

An icon representing that no one sits on the sidelines at The Escape Effect.

Everyone Can Join In

We designed our escape rooms so everyone can join in and have something to do at the same time. No one will be sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn at The Escape Effect. So, no matter your age or skill level, you’ll feel like a winner.

An icon representing that Escape Effect games are a great gift idea.

The Ideal Gift Experience

There’s no need to be puzzled about what to get a loved one for a special occasion. Bring them to The Escape Effect and you’ll create cherished memories that will last a lifetime! After your game, we also have unique gifts and mementos available that they’ll treasure forever.


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