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Orlando’s Most Unique Escape Room Gameplay

Encore has been retired


60 Minutes


1-6 Players





The explorers find the clues they need to unlock a small box on the vanity.
The explorers find the clues they need to unlock a small box on the vanity.


Roaring Good Fun 1 Hour Escape Room!

60 minutes, 1-6 players, Difficulty: 9/10

Experience glitz and glamour in this escape room ode to the Roaring 20s. You’ll sneak into the backstage area of an abandoned theatre in the hopes to find and claim the loot as your own. Will you make it out ahead of the wrecking ball?

The piano instrumental and backstage set design are enough for any Broadway fan to scream Encore!

Control The Lights Linear & Non-Linear Mix Piano Music

Challenging puzzles, great production value!

– Tripadvisor

No Sitting On The Sidelines

A Mix For All Tastes

The beauty of a linear escape room is that the steps are typically obvious. And the smarts of a non-linear escape room is that it keeps all players interested. With Encore, you’re looking at an escape room with beauty and smarts!

Although Encore can be played with two people, we recommend at least three so you can take advantage of a more effective divide-and-conquer approach on the challenges of our 60 minute escape room.

The explorers are working out a clue together.
The explorers are working out a clue together.
A player attempting to wire the spot lights on the lighting board in this unique 1 hour escape room.
An explorer attempts to wire the spotlights on the lighting board.

Never Before Seen

Special Lighting Feature

From the very start of the escape room, your team will need to control which lights are turned on backstage. It’s a really neat mechanic that can affect the way that you and your team perceive the environment. Don’t miss this, it’s an Escape Effect Original and only found in Orlando.

Art Deco Theatre

The Grand Compass

Back in 1920s Chicago, Antonio D’Acardo ran the swankiest joint in town – The Grand Compass Theatre. People from all over would come to see magic shows, brass bands, and plays of all sorts. He did well for himself, his patrons, and his family.

As time passed, the theatre aged. And today, the legacy is about to be torn down, but rumor has it that Antonio left a precious heirloom to his grandchildren in the theatre, but nobody has been able to find it.

That’s where you guys come in. Get in there, find the stash, and get out before the wreckin’ ball takes ya out! Capisce?

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Grand Compass Souvenirs

You can now purchase the same memorabilia that Antonio D’Acardo used to sell in the theatre, including the now-famous Compass lapel pin he would don. Check availability in our online shop or ask a host after your game.