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A Creative Career in props and building

Set Designer

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Game Development

Set Designer

Starting Salary: $35,000/Year

If you play an escape room and spend more time looking at how they constructed the set than solving the puzzles, this position could be a great fit for you!

As a set designer, your role is to ensure the story is told from the moment players enter the room. You need to keep them immersed in diverse, exciting environments and mesmerized by each new world within its walls.

You must be able to share a portfolio of work in a creative field, including practical art skills like painting and prop making.


  • Maintain the sets and props in existing games on site.
  • Installation of new set pieces.
  • Contribute to development and building of new rooms.


  • Able to communicate clearly with other members of the team.
  • A creative eye, and the ability to identify when sets and props need fixing and refreshing.
  • Skilled at creating props, painting, and application of fine details.
  • Able to solve problems when alterations are needed with props.
  • Take critical feedback effectively.
  • Experience with CNC, Laser and 3D printing is preferable.

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