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Escape rooms are commonly thought of as a larger group activity, but they can actually make for a unique twist on the typical date night too.  With the plethora of themed escape experiences out there, it is easy to find a room theme you can both enjoy.  If you are new into the relationship or even on the terrifying first date, choosing which room to play is actually a good segue to talk about common interests. 

Communication is a key ingredient to successfully navigating an escape room.  For those couples who have been together for a little longer, playing an escape game is a great way to build your communication skills.  The two of you will need to work together to solve through the puzzles and race against the clock, together.

This brings me to another date night benefit.  Besides learning each other’s communication style and common interests, the more you play, the more you learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  For instance, I am color blind so when my Significant Other and I play, she is in charge of the color-based puzzles.  However, I excel in word-based puzzles, such as anagrams; therefore, she will defer to me should we encounter them.  This level of teamwork can help to solidify a relationship and bring both closer together.

Here at The Escape Effect, we highly recommend two rooms for your date night.  Encore, is our hour-long treasure hunt in an abandoned 1920’s-style theater.  You will have to work together to search the theater and find the owner’s loot before the wrecking ball arrives.  We also recommend Sherlock Studies, our 75-minute Sherlock Holmes murder mystery.  You’ll work together to find the evidence and piece it together to prove who is innocent and who is guilty.  Both adventures provide mind-bending date night experiences like no other.

A player attempting to wire the spot lights on the lighting board.


Explore the backstage area of a 1920s abandoned theater, find the hidden stash, and get out before the wrecking ball comes in all within one hour.

The players investigate the items on the desk for clues.

Sherlock Studies

Be transported back to 1890s London to help Sherlock Holmes piece together a mystery.  You'll have 75 minutes to collect the evidence and solve the crime.

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