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Are you trying to organize a unique and entertaining bachelor or bachelorette party for a family member or friend?  If you are searching for something out of the ordinary that will create fun-filled memories with your group, look no further than The Escape Effect!

Here are 5 reasons why you should plan your next event with us. 


You’ll need to combine brain power to take on those mind-boggling puzzles, so put your differences aside to take on the room together in order to escape!  Your party will bond as you figure out clues and reach the solution collectively, with some challenges requiring a full team effort, like in our game A Knight To Escape!  In Florida’s only 2-hour escape room, communication skills and team cooperation are the key to success!  So stand united and tackle those tricky tasks together as you enjoy the adventure along the way!

The players anxiously look into the castle dungeon.


Escape rooms are enjoyed by both young and old with exceptional adventures that are sure to be remembered!  As you and your closest acquaintances work together to decipher clues and solve mysteries, you’ll be collecting memories that will last a life time.  In Sherlock Studies we combine the best parts of an escape room with a murder mystery for 75 minutes of deductive fun!  So why not immerse yourself and your family in this unforgettable experience! 

The players are assembling a mind map of the evidence.


With most bachelor and bachelorette parties traditionally choosing venues such as bars and restaurants, why not give your group an opportunity to celebrate in a new and different way!  You will be sure to create awesome long-lasting memories alongside challenge and camaraderie.  At The Escape Effect we have 4 unique themes to choose from, including At Odds With The Gods.  In this 90-minute legendary game, which is great for bonding, you and your teammates will need to battle against the Greek gods to become immortal before the sun sets!

The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

Support your loved ones

When the clock is counting down and you’re racing to get out in time, you need the support of your best friends, just like in real life!  Your party will gather together and have each others back throughout your game, and the way you support the bride or groom through these challenges, reflects the support you will show them in married life!  In Fright Before Your Eyes, the sinister illusionist may throw a few spooky surprises you might not be expecting your way, so that heroic friend will need to step up to support the group! 

A photograph of a silhouette inspecting a noticeboard with magic show tour names on.


It goes without saying that most importantly of all, escape rooms are just good fun! So why not immerse yourself in one of our four games that are all designed for a great time.  Here at The Escape Effect we also understand that every group is different and will customize our games accordingly.  We guarantee that your bachelor or bachelorette celebration is sure to be an action-packed, thrilling entertainment experience that will have lots of laughs along the way.  Call us now!