Different personalities, different tastes.  You may be into love stories or you may delight at horror movies.  You might prefer to turn the volume down or you might want to raise the roof…

Private Games Available 1

It’s differences like these that make us interesting and human.

So, are you a social person?  Or do you not yet have that confidence to make it through a room on your own?  Then perhaps you’ll prefer a public experience and possibly join up with another group to tackle an escape room.

Or do you like to keep to yourself?  Or maybe you’re competitive and want to test yourself on a variety of escape rooms?  Then perhaps you’ll prefer a more private experience enjoying a room with the team you already know.

Whoever you are, The Escape Effect has you covered by now offering the ability to make a private booking directly through the online reservation system!

How Do I Choose Private?

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What Do You Think?

Especially for those who do prefer a private experience, we hope that this option is welcomed and makes the reservation process even easier.  If you have any questions or comments, please let us know what you think.