With the growing number of escape rooms, it can be overwhelming to choose which one to play for your first experience.  This guide will help ease the process to make sure that your first escape room experience is a memorable one.


Step #1: Choose A Location

The first step is to choose which venue to go to.

Unfortunately, not every escape room is of a high quality.  Be sure to do your research.  Some newcomers make the mistake of simply choosing the cheapest room they can find.  Unfortunately, you’ll probably be turned off from escape rooms after playing at a cheap place.  That’s exactly why you should go to a place that prices themselves with confidence.

In Orlando, the current price for a top-tier escape room is $35 per player.  After you walk on to the sets and work through the puzzles at The Escape Effect, then compare with some places that undercut by $3-7, you’ll understand the adage – “you get what you pay for”.

Take a look at a company’s website.  Does it look like a mess?  Then, their games and their customer service are probably a mess.

Bottom line – if you value you and your team’s time, it is better to pay slightly more for a higher-quality room, than wasting your money on a cheaply-made room.


Step #2: Choose A Room

Once you’ve decided which location you’d like to play, the next step is to decide on a room.

We usually find that newcomers are looking for the easiest room because they feel some intimidation not knowing exactly what to expect.  Many companies attempt to ease this process by posting difficulty ratings for each of their games.  Keep in mind, there is no official rating system used globally, or even within Orlando, so the rating you may see at other places are relative amongst their own rooms and how they come up with those ratings is a whole other ball of wax.

Exclusive to The Escape Effect, we are able to adjust the challenge level of each game.  Your host will set your game according to your experience level and the number of players on your team – we know that escape rooms are not a “one size fits all” attraction.

Additionally, when we developed our website for The Escape Effect, we found it helpful to guests to include which dominant skill each room will test.

For example, if you work in management or you simply like things to be ordered, then At Odds With The Gods might be right for you.  However, if your mind works like a detective or you like the board game Clue (or Cluedo), then try Sherlock Studies.

Bottom line – escape room difficulty is very subjective, as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.  The most effective way to find the right room for you and your team is to call the company and speak with a host (sometimes gamemasters) and ask for guidance.


We are happy to host you and your team for your first experience in any of our games.  Based on your interests and number of players in your team, any of our hosts can make the appropriate recommendations.

Ready To Give It A Try?

Please call our hosts at (855) 426-3372 and we’ll make recommendations that fit you and your team for a great first experience.

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