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We’re big fans of movies and games of all types around here. While we’re especially fond of escape room video games and movies, we enjoy anything that combines our favorite things. That’s why we’re excited for the new Dungeons And Dragons movie coming out. It mixes fun tabletop adventure with cinematic flair and special effects that you can’t replicate at home.

Honor Among Thieves is shaping up to be an energetic action-comedy that will delight D&D and fantasy fans. In the first trailer, the group of adventurers already feels like a bunch of friends bantering around a game table. The second trailer cements the mood; this Dungeons And Dragons movie isn’t planning to take itself too seriously. Both trailers show scenes that tabletop players are likely familiar with: jokes, absurd plans, and wild antics that settle down just in time for the drama to pick up.

So what’s this movie about?

A ragtag team of adventurers goes out searching for a lost treasure, only for things to go horribly awry. It’s a classic setup for fantasy stories, and the cast features some familiar character archetypes: a goofy bard, an impetuous sorcerer, a heavy-hitting barbarian, and an extremely powerful evil wizard. It’ll be fun to see how the movie develops these characters as they go about their epic fantasy adventure.

However, the main draw of a D&D campaign isn’t necessarily the adventure itself. It’s the interactions between player characters (the main characters in this movie) and non-player characters (mainly the antagonists). And, of course, seeing people get into all kinds of fun trouble.

There’s bound to be a few discrepancies between the rules of the game and how they’re portrayed in the movie. We probably won’t see someone spend ten minutes casting a ritual spell, for example, or worrying about the finer details like tracking spell components. More than likely, we’ll see something that plays a little fast and loose with the rules for the sake of delivering engaging action. Those types of changes will allow the story to go in some very interesting directions, not unlike homebrew rules in a casual D&D campaign.

They’re writing books, too!

The cover for the Dungeons And Dragons movie tie-in book, The Druid's Call.

There are some other stories that will tie in with the Dungeons And Dragons movie. A prequel comic is under way, as well as companion novels that cover the histories of some of these intrepid characters. The Druid’s Call focuses on the tiefling druid, Doric, in her earlier years. The Road To Neverwinter, meanwhile, shares the tale of how the charming bard, Edgin, formed his band of thieves and embarked on a prior (mis)adventure.

There are also rumors of a Dungeons And Dragons mini-series coming out later, though we don’t yet know what it will be about. It’ll be interesting to see this long-standing tabletop game expand into the world of television.

What about the other Dungeons And Dragons movies?

The Dungeons And Dragons movie trilogy from the early 2000s had a far more serious and gritty tone that didn’t work as well with audiences. After the first D&D movie, the second movie was only played on television and the third movie went straight to video.

Honor Among Thieves has no connection to the earlier trilogy. They don’t even take place in the same world; Honor Among Thieves is set in the Forgotten Realms, while the other movies have a unique setting that was created just for those movies. They’re essentially rebooting the movie franchise, with this movie serving as a fresh starting point.

It’s an exciting time to be a D&D fan. We hope to see even more fun Dungeons And Dragons movies and television shows grace the big screen.


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