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It’s been a couple of months, but I’d rather this post go out late than never.  The Grand Opening of The Escape Effect in Orlando, Florida was a huge success!

At the time, we had our largest turnout ever.  Thanks to the various news outlets, review sites, and bloggers who covered us.

Everyone enjoyed the escape games, the food, and the extras that were built in special for the weekend.  Thanks to the players who continue to show a level of appreciation rarely seen in other businesses.  Thanks to some awesome neighbors who graciously offered their products and services.

The Grand Opening is a celebration of everyone.  That also includes the team who built The Escape Effect.  There are plenty of folks who have contributed, from contractors to investors and lawyers to realtors.

But there is a group of people who handle an assortment of internal responsibilities like game development, customer service, and business.  Some of these folks are locals, others help from a distance, and some even fly in special.  Some folks have been with me since the early days and some I’ve met as we grew.

During the grand opening, the development and hosting teams from The Escape Effect attempt to jump in unison.
The development and hosting teams from The Escape Effect attempt to jump in unison.

To Andrea, Denny, Ed, Gabriel, Jackie, Jenny, Jim, Karys, Keith, Ken, Lisa, Max, Neeli, Russ, Terri, and my gorgeous wife Jamie – I love and appreciate all of you. THANK YOU!


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