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If you’re thinking of visiting an escape room soon, be sure to consider all options that the Orlando area has to offer.  In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between The Escape Effect and Dare 2 Escape so that you can make a better-informed decision when reserving your next experience.

What makes Escape Effect different from Dare 2 Escape?  Nobody Sits On The Sidelines.

Escape rooms can be described as “linear” or “non-linear”.  A linear game means that players must solve puzzle A before solving puzzle B.  A non-linear game means that puzzles A and B can be solved simultaneously.

Both The Escape Effect and Dare 2 Escape offer a mix of linear and non-linear games.  We typically recommend non-linear games to larger groups because it means that everyone has something to do at the same time.

What makes Escape Effect different from Dare 2 Escape?  All The Help You Want.

Dare 2 Escape sends text to the televisions within their escape rooms to deliver clues.  You’ll get their attention while in the game by either waving your hands or ringing a door bell.

The Escape Effect offers both text and audio solutions for clue delivery except for Fright Before Your Eyes, which solely supports audio to keep the environment dark.  If you ever need help, you’ll just need to press the host button.

Both venues offer unlimited hints.

What makes Escape Effect different from Dare 2 Escape?  Tailored To You.

At Dare 2 Escape, there are no obvious difficulty ratings available.

At The Escape Effect, we do use difficulty ratings and we also have the ability to adjust the game’s challenge level based on your team’s experience. If you prefer that, please let your host know in advance.

Oh, and if you have kids, let your host know that too so we can make the appropriate adjustments! We’ve done things in the past like keeping the door open or turning up the lighting to make whomever requests it more comfortable.

Unique Gameplay.

Dare 2 Escape’s rooms are not necessarily formulaic, but they do largely revolve around solving puzzles and opening combination padlocks, which is typically referred to as a classic escape room experience.

The Escape Effect’s rooms will keep players guessing.  Each game is a different size, has a different number of subrooms, and sport different gameflows.  In fact, one guest referred to Fright Before Your Eyes as part escape room, part Luigi’s Mansion, which is unheard of! And if you look at A Knight To Escape, you’ll never find another game anywhere that forces your team to depend on each other to such a degree.

Longer Games.

Most escape rooms are 60 minutes in length. Most of Dare 2 Escape’s rooms fall into this category. However, they also offer 45, 90, and 105-minute options.

The Escape Effect was the first to introduce escape rooms longer than 60 minutes.  In fact, A Knight To Escape runs a full two hours—it’s one of only two 2-hour escape rooms in the entire country! Additionally, our classic At Odds With The Gods and the anything-but-classic Fright Before Your Eyes run 90 minutes each!

What makes Escape Effect different from Dare 2 Escape?  Brand New Themes.

As you play more and more escape rooms, you’re bound to see themes repeat themselves – “aliens”, “mad scientists”, “pirates”, and more.

If you’re looking for a fresh theme, you can try Dare 2 Escape’s Video Store or Archive, which places you into an underground sewer.

At The Escape Effect, you’ll be able to choose from four awesome themes, including a Greek temple or a 1920s Theatre.

Have you been convinced?

Of course, we hope you’ll select The Escape Effect for your next escape room.  But even if you choose to play at Dare 2 Escape this time, we sincerely hope you enjoy yourselves.  Escape rooms can be so much fun and after you’re done playing there, we hope you’ll be curious what’s behind door #2…

Still Not Sure? Here’s The Deal!

We aren’t sure how else to convince you that The Escape Effect is the place to be, so here’s a secret!  Use code D2EVIP at checkout to save 20% on any of our escape rooms.  No other discounts apply.


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