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Share your love of escape rooms with your friends and family with our new gift boxes! These online-exclusive bundles offer a fun assortment of escape room merchandise for a great price. You can’t get these deals in-store!

A black gift box with a ribbon around it.

So what’s in the box?

That depends on you! We have four gift boxes themed after our escape rooms, so you can introduce your family to your favorite game. We also have a fun box filled with escape room slogans for the enthusiast in your life. For those that share their love of escape rooms with their special someone, we have the perfect gift for your Perfect Fit.

Take a look below to see what’s inside!

Introduce someone to your favorite room

A gift box on sale this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It includes tickets, sticker, pin, coin and shirts.

A Knight To Escape Gift Box

Themed around A Knight To Escape, this medieval treasure box contains two t-shirts: one dungeon shirt and one courtyard shirt. It also contains a shield pin, a helmet coin, and a sticker based on one of the gargoyles in the courtyard. It also has six tickets to bring the family in for a great medieval adventure!

At Odds With The Gods Gift Box

This Greek box, based on At Odds With The Gods, is the perfect gift for fans of Greek mythology and puzzles. This box contains a Gods t-shirt, a Hades skull pin, a Greek helmet coin, and a sticker based on Poseidon’s trident. It also includes a copy of Cards At War, our card game featuring the Greek gods (and a secret puzzle hunt). It also includes five tickets to bring family and friends to challenge the gods!

A gift box including tickets, sticker, pin, coin, shirt and card game.
A gift box including tickets, sticker, pin, coin, and shirt.

Sherlock Studies Gift Box

A gift box for aspiring detectives, themed around Sherlock Studies. This box contains a Sherlock t-shirt, a magnifying glass pin, a deerstalker cap coin, and a sticker based on the newspaper found in Sherlock’s study. It also includes four tickets to Victorian London, where you can solve a murder!

Fright Before Your Eyes Gift Box

A haunting gift based on Fright Before Your Eyes, perfect for ghost-hunting fans. This box contains a Fright t-shirt, a magician’s card pin, a magician’s hat coin, and a sticker based on the SD2000 used to collect spirits in the haunted theatre. It also includes the Fright Before Your Eyes comic, which tells the story of Victor Strange’s past, and three tickets to our ghost-hunting expedition!

A gift box including tickets, sticker, pin, coin, shirt and comic.

Get an enthusiast some fun escape room gear

A gift box including magnets, shirt and keychain.

Escape Room Slogans Gift Box

A gift box for the witty escape room enthusiast in your life. This box contains a World’s Okayest Escape Room Player t-shirt, a set of five escape room magnets, and a rubber keychain. It’s the perfect way to celebrate your friend’s passion for escape rooms (and how okay they are at solving them)!

Perfect Fit Gift Box

A favorite for couples that love to solve puzzles together. This gift box features two t-shirts: a Perfect Fit lock and a Perfect Fit key. It also includes a pair of puzzle piece earrings and a puzzle piece necklace. It’s the perfect way to tell someone “I love you” and “Let’s solve puzzles together” at the same time!

A gift box comprising of two shirts and puzzle piece jewelry.

Get your escape room gift box

Give your friends and family some puzzle-themed fun! Pick your favorite theme and share your love of escape rooms with your friends and family. Remember, these are only available online.


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