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Ever wanted to go to war with your family & friends?

Cards At War is the fast-paced game that you love and remember from your childhood, but with a twist that introduces the legendary Greek gods! Use their unique abilities to win cards in an epic battle for immortality! Let’s hear what Zeus has to say…

Inspired by our Greek Mythology escape room, Cards At War is our first foray into at-home entertainment. In fact, some of the developers who built At Odds With The Gods also created this card game. You may be wondering why an escape room venue would create a card game that apparently has nothing to do with escape rooms.  Fear not!  There’s a little extra something included for our favorite puzzle enthusiasts.

Each deck contains 74 cards, including 14 epically-illustrated Greek god cards and 55 Grecian urn cards. Whilst the game is aimed at 2-3 players, you can combine two decks together to expand to a 6-player war! Who will ultimately rise to become immortal?

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