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The fun family matching game, with a twist!

Pick Up Locks is a game of recognition and memory that everyone can enjoy. To win the game you’ll need to pair lock and key-themed tiles, from the more traditional safes and padlocks to modern facial recognition and cellphone passcodes. Find out more from Paddy the Padlock in the video below.

So what is special about Pick Up Locks? Unlike traditional memory games, where you are looking for two identical tiles, in Pick Up Locks you are looking for a corresponding lock and key. Inspired by puzzles and the daughters of one of The Escape Effect‘s developers, it’s the perfect game for future escape room players!

Inside the bright blue-and-orange drawstring bag, you’ll find 50 tiles. These eye-catching designs promote additional observation, analysis, and conversational skills amongst kids! The different patterns and colors will allow them to determine which tiles are matching pairs. While Pick Up Locks is aimed at young families, it’s a great game for all ages, so grab a glass of Paddy’s punch and see if you can match to win!

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Before You Go… Paddy’s Personal Perk

If you love Paddy like we do, then bring her everywhere with this fun Paddy keychain. With her bright orange complexion and googly eyes, she is sure to help keep you from losing your keys every day.

An orange and blue padlock waves hello against a polka dot background.


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