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The coming days mark the magical celebration that is Midsummer. To observe the eccentricities of the occasion, let’s delve into the utter absurdity that is the Middle Ages, and discuss our own medieval masterpiece, A Knight To Escape.

From ‘divorce by combat’, where husband and wife would battle it out, to ‘animal court’, where livestock were put on trial for their crimes, it’s safe to say that there were some totally bizarre traditions at the time. 

Midsummer rituals date back centuries, with various happenings surrounding this whimsical time, honoring summer and nature. From burning bonfires to fabulous food, there was merrymaking aplenty in the form of dancing and drinking.  

Around stone circles, townspeople participated in the ancient act of sun worship, and even today people still partake in performances, around mystical monuments like Stonehenge.

A photograph of the impressive Stonehenge monument at sunset.
A photograph of a bonfire, illuminating silhouettes of surrounding people.

During the festivities, the air was thick with superstition, with druids celebrating the coming together of light and dark, Heaven and Earth. The boundaries between life and death intertwined, and it was said that souls could wander between bodies. 

Revellers would savor and sip their way through bountiful feasts, before leaping over scorching hot coals. This daring feat was said to bring good luck in love, and a successful season bearing a plentiful harvest.

Midsummer is brimming with oodles of rich otherworldly tales, filled with fascinating folklore. If it weren’t for all the barbaric and gruesome medieval practices of the time, one might wish they could have seen it with their own eyes. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in a bygone era, why not reenact your own adventure through the Middle Ages (without the dysentery), by playing our exciting 2-hour epic, A Knight To Escape

You’ll unfold the fabled battle of two brothers, as they fight for Stonebury Castle and the kingdom that surrounds it. Your party will be split into two, with one half thrown (not literally) into the dark, desolate dungeon, and the other half situated within the moonlit castle courtyard. Your challenge is to storm the castle and reunite your team, freeing the prisoners, so they can avoid becoming skeleton Bob’s newest roommate. 

A close up, peering through the grate at a skeleton chained to the wall.

If you appreciate an experience that’s steeped in history, you’ll enjoy plunging yourself into the lore and legend of A Knight To Escape, one of our games that’s been voted Best Entertainment Experience in Orlando for the last four years. Not only will you be enchanted by your surroundings, but it’s jam packed full of puzzles to get your brain going. Bring along your nearest and dearest and you’re sure to have a knight to remember.

Join The Festivities!

This Midsummer, there is no better time to partake in the fun, by booking your own epic adventure at The Escape Effect


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