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Do you love finding clues and solving mysteries? Do you consider yourself a contemporary Sherlock Holmes-style detective? In recent years, TV shows and movies have shown many different versions of the world-famous sleuth. Take the quiz below to find out which of them matches your style of crime-solving the best!

A person lying on the road.

You find a dead body in a room. What is your first instinct?

Figure out a way to lighten the mood.
Try to find the trail to chase the killer!
Examine the body directly. No time like the present, right?
Look around the room for clues as to what happened.



A folder of notes laying open on a table.

A client reaches out for help with a case that you know you could solve in about five minutes. It won't interest you at all. What is your response?

Refuse the case and tell the client to stop wasting your time.
Just act like you didn't see the message and never send a response.
Accept the case with a witty comment and meet with the client to solve it. It's not like it will take long anyway.
Send the client a message with the correct solution to the case. You got all the details you needed from their original request.



A man standing on a city street.

You just got a new roommate who asked if they could tag along on one of your cases. What do you do?

Let them come with. You might be able to find some use for them.
You would only let them come if you thought they were interesting. Otherwise, it's a hard no.
Run out the door! If they follow you, they follow you - that's not your problem.
Allow them to join you, but only as a test. Might as well see what they're made of if they're going to be living with you.



A leather chair in a room.

The time has come to reveal your brilliant deductions! How do you go about it?

Be as dramatic as possible! You put in all the hard work, now it's time to bask in the attention.
This is the perfect opportunity to try out some jokes you've been working on. Oh, and revealing the culprit too, of course.
Give everyone a run down while on the move. No time to waste in apprehending who did it!
Just tell them who the culprit is. There's really no need to be so theatric about it.



A person running away down a street.

The culprit is running away! What is your reaction?

Chase after them, of course!
You know these roads like the back of your hand, so you take a shortcut to cut them off at the next intersection.
Let your companions handle this part. You already did what you needed to.
Call for backup then follow from a safe distance to make sure they don't get away.



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Which Movie or TV Version of Sherlock Holmes are You?






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