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Escape rooms attract all kinds of people.  Some are competitive, looking to make a new record; others are casual, more interested in just having a good time.  After watching the people that play our games, we’ve noticed some trends amongst escape room teammates.  We’ve written about a few of them before.  Player personalities have a big impact in how successful they are in the games. The way they respond to stress and how they communicate with one another can change the flow of the game. Some players excel in communication, others in diligent focus.  These are some of the personalities that we see most often in our winning teams.

A photograph of a man in front of a wall, representing one type of escape room teammates.

Adaptable Adam

Quick-thinking and independent, this is a person that can roll with the punches and take on any challenge.  Flexible people make for great escape room teammates and this person is ready to show what makes them special. In an escape room, you never know what to expect. From secret messages on the walls to hidden compartments in back rooms, there are plenty of ways they can surprise you. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for someone to get lost on how to proceed with some of the challenges. However, this intrepid player can handle it all.  Big puzzles, complex clues, last-minute secret rooms; none of that will phase them.

Even if something new shows up when there’s only ten minutes remaining, they’re ready to take on the world. Where other players may balk or surrender, they’ll just roll up their sleeves and jump right in—and win.

A photograph of a man in a car.

Confident Chris

Decisive and strong-willed, this person knows what they’re capable of.  They won’t back down when faced with the unknown; rather, they welcome a challenge. This is why they make great escape room teammates.  To them, games are a test of skill, and they have a lot of skills that they’re itching to demonstrate.  It doesn’t matter to them if they’ve seen something a thousand times or if the challenge is something completely new. They’ll dive headfirst into a puzzle to see how quickly they can solve it.  For a team that’s looking to set a record, they’re a great partner to have.

Even if the others aren’t as competitive, this player will probably be looking to set their own personal best. However, they’re not just good companions for the competitive types: part of showing what they know is helping other people learn it. If one teammate is inexperienced or having trouble with a puzzle, this player is more than happy to step in to make sure everyone succeeds.

A photograph of a woman standing by a wall.

Leadership Laura

Calm and focused, this person is able to bring people together.  They can see the bigger picture and make sure their teammates are on the same page no matter how daunting the task may seem.  That makes these people invaluable escape room teammates. When the unexpected happens, they can help guide the team through the new challenges.  If someone gets off track, their guidance can help the team regain focus. Their ability to stay calm in tense situations makes them a great asset when the team is under pressure.

In games where the next move is unclear, this player is able to rally the team and find the best path. They can also mediate and guide the other players when necessary. If things get challenging, they’ll be able to find a solution. They understand their teammates’ strengths and provide direction so that all players can give their best.

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