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Do you dream of gazing upon a beautifully crystal clear swimming pool, while you relax on a gloriously sun-drenched day? Perhaps with a refreshing Florida orange juice in one hand, and a delicious slice of key lime pie in the other? 

Welcome to a place where palm trees line the roads and alligators roam free. Beautiful lakes are in abundance and the flora and fauna, bloom and grow. These sublime surroundings make you feel like you’re living on permanent vacation. 

An inflatable flamingo floating along tropical waters.

Seize Your Surroundings

When you’re living in Orlando. it’s easy to take such a bustling hub, packed full with the latest and industry-leading attractions for granted. Entertainment is big business here, with small experiences continually popping up everywhere, and theme parks expanding fast. There is always something new to explore, with the landscape of Orlando constantly shifting. 

Our advice for locals? Get out and do something you’ve never done before, or go somewhere you’ve never been before. Act like you’re on vacation and see Orlando like the tourists do. We get so wrapped up in the mundane everyday details of our lives, that we forget about the incredible experiences our area has to offer, just a few miles down the road. 

Our advice to those thinking about moving to the area? Well, if you like to feel like you’re living on the surface of the sun, you’ll love the endless summer that is Orlando. Seasons as you know it are thing of the past, and you’ll enjoy your new seasons: hot, hotter, hottest or hot and humid. All jokes aside, if you relish basking in the tropical sunshine, and feeling those sun-kissed rays upon your face, you will love our weather.

A couple watch fireworks over the boardwalk.

Discover Magic On Your Doorstep

With awesome attractions right on your doorstep, from fantastical theme parks to enchanting escape rooms. You’ll never be short of something incredible to do in ever-growing, ever-inspiring and ever-impressive, Orlando. 

Due to the area being a park-goers paradise, you’ll find thrill-seekers aplenty here. Many residents stay on top of the current advancements by visiting IAPPA, the attractions summit held at the Orange County Convention Center. This yearly event provides insights for all up-and-coming tech and venues. Alongside these large expos, blogs and news reports frequently announce future plans, like the latest reveal for Celestial Park, in the soon-to-be-built brand new theme park, Epic Universe.

There are also a plethora of festivals that bring unusual and unique experiences including all kinds of culinary delights. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a bite to eat around here, there is no shortage of good food, with over 7000 restaurants in Orlando! From fine dining to food trucks, there’s something to get your taste buds tingling. 

Moving to Orlando is a dream of many, and a real estate agent, like Redfin, can help make it become a reality. If you are thinking of making the move, you’ll find a warm welcome here, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

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