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The Escape Effect Family Attraction

The Best Escape Room Kissimmee Offers

Treat your family to the most fun escape room.

Everybody plays

Who Should Play An Escape Room?

If you’re getting bored of picnics, bowling alleys, and bars, then you found the right place. At least once in your life, you need to give an escape room a try. We say “at least once” because it’s fairly common that when a new player participates in a really awesome escape room, they’ll return for more over and over and over again. Seriously!

The players anxiously look into the castle dungeon.


Hang out together.

Get lost in the ambiance and work through puzzles together. We offer more than a hangout place and engage everyone. Simply the new hottest thing for friends to do together!

The players are gathering the elements needed for Dr. Watson's medical experiment.


Make it a memorable reunion.

Looking for an activity that the whole family will enjoy? There’s none better than an escape room! Think about it for family game night or even for a big reunion for your extended family!

The players lift a portrait of the late king to reveal a hidden compartment in the best escape room in Kissimmee!


Nobody sits on the sidelines.

We design escape rooms with everyone in mind. Join us for your first time and let our hosts show you what all the fuss is about. Chances are you’ll discover your new favorite entertainment!

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Four Great Escape Rooms

More Puzzles, More Time, More Fun!

The Escape Effect offers the longest escape rooms near Kissimmee, including the only 2-hour escape room in all of Florida!

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Sherlock Studies 75 Minute Game for up to 8 Players displayed on a photograph of a typewriter and magnifying glass.

Will You Find And Deliver The Evidence In Time?

75 minutes, 2-8 players, Difficulty: 8/10

Linear Gameflow Reading Intensive Alternate Ending
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At Odds With The Gods 90 Minute Game for up to 10 Players displayed on a photograph of players using the sun and compass.

Will You Conquer It All And Become Immortal?

90 minutes, 2-10 players, Difficulty: 7/10

Best Mix Of Puzzles Brightly Lit Shortcut Challenge
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A Knight To Escape 120 Minute Game for 4-8 Players displayed on a photograph of a player holding a lantern.

Will You Escape Before Being Imprisoned?

120 minutes, 4-8 players, Difficulty: 9/10

Split Sides 1/2 Bright & 1/2 Darker Heavy Communication
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A photograph of a shadowy figure in a mirror with the a game stats overlay for Fright Before Your Eyes.

Will You Free The Spirits Before Sunrise?

90 minutes, 2-6 players, Difficulty: 8/10

Detailed Story & Exploration Non-Linear Dark & Thrilling

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More About The Escape Effect

Where is the escape room located?

At the South end of International Drive, just five minutes from Kissimmee. There’s a map on our Contact page.

Are escape rooms open after the theme parks close?

Absolutely! Our last escape room each night typically starts around 9:30pm. On weekends and holidays, look for some rooms to start as late as 11pm. Please see our reservations page for a list of the most current times available for each escape room.

Is the escape room kid and family-friendly?

As a family-run small business, we err on the side of games that are or can be made family-friendly. Our games are for you and what you value. If you are claustrophobic, we’ll leave the door open for you. If you don’t like the dark, we’ll run the game with the lights on. And if the music is too loud, we’ll turn it down. If you have any questions on the age-appropriateness of our rooms, please call us at (855) 426-3372.

How old do I need to be to play an escape room?

With a parent or legal guardian, children as young as 6 years of age are welcome to participate in the experience. At least one adult must be in the game, who will be responsible for any minors.

Is the door locked in an escape room?

You can exit the escape room at any time. The door is never locked.

The biggest “bang for your buck” fun available near Kissimmee.

Family Fun

Big Families Save On Big Escape Rooms

We get it. Taking out the family to have fun can sometimes break the bank, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Believe it or not, we value you and your wallet. As such, we run a number of different offers that can be used each and every day on any of our escape rooms.

A girl in a dungeon looking into a glowing chest with a text overlay that reads "Everyday Offers", which refers to the discounts and deals found at the escape room Kissimmee offers.

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