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Fright Before Your Eyes

Will you free the spirits in time?
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90 Minutes

Team Size

2-6 Players



It’s The First Real Ghost Hunt Escape Room In Orlando

Play the role of modern-day ghost hunters in this 90 minute escape room. Equip yourselves with specialized tools to find out what really happened to Victor and his stage assistants.  Fans of the 80s Ghostbusters franchise will especially appreciate this experience.

Spectre Detector 2000

This unique box is responsible for collecting spirit energy and translating that into human audio forms.

When scanning a spirit item, hold in place for at least three seconds. If you accidentally scan an item that does not contain spirit energy, you might need to wait for the device to recharge.

Hover over the detail points in the following graphic to learn more about the SD2000.

A photograph of a SD2000 device being held to contact spirits in Fright Before Your Eyes.

Spirit items can be placed at the front for processing


Spirit energy can be heard


The lights illuminate as spirit energy is collected

Meet Victor Strange

Meet Victor Strange, a magician with a dark secret. Loved by his adoring fans, but also quite the light-hearted lunatic to those closest to him. 100 years ago, stories circled about as Victor’s assistants mysteriously disappeared one by one.

The Grand Compass Theatre

The Final Encore may have happened, but the Grand Compass lives on! Set and prop pieces have either been completely replaced or have received a beautifully creepy treatment that fits just right within this new Thriller.

The Grand Compass Before RenovationThe Grand Compass After Renovation

Escape Room Features

A photograph of a player inspecting a newspaper article.

Dark Environment

Although the theater is in the pitch black darkness, your team will find flashlights to help illuminate the place.

A photograph of a distressed banner with the words This Way written across it and a pointing hand.

Bonus Round

We’ve placed a special, well-hidden bonus in the game.  We’ll give the lucky player to find it a free gift.

A photograph of sandbags and sacks hanging from the rafters.

No Reason To Be Scared

If you don’t like being startled or have anyone not-so-brave on your team, let your host know to make adjustments.

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