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The human brain is a complex organ that needs to be used frequently in order to stay efficient and increase its memory capacity.  Brain exercises, such as puzzle-solving in an escape room, are a great activity for reaching a wide range of possible emotions that induce larger brain activity and work both the left brain and right brain.  Playing in an escape room provides several benefits to the brain as well as the body, including:

Left brain or right brain, the player is entering a code attempt into a word lock.
The player is entering a code attempt into a word lock.

Puzzles work both the left and right brain

The brain comprises of two hemispheres, the right brain and the left brain.  They continuously work together but each has its own specific task.  The right side is responsible for handling emotions and solving problems in a creative manner, while the left side does the analysis and makes logical decisions.  A typical escape room comprises of a number of different puzzles which are very conducive for making both sides of the brain work at the same time.

A player is stepping onto an "E" engraved into the courtyard floor.
A player is stepping onto an “E” engraved into the courtyard floor.

Puzzles create elevated levels of satisfaction

Let’s face it, solving a complex problem such as a puzzle is a very satisfying feeling.  The moment the puzzle is solved, the dopamine hormone is released, this chemical tells the brain that something glorious and exciting is happening.  This hormone is released through our brains whenever an intense feeling of joy or satisfaction is felt.

The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.
The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

Escape rooms increase brain health

A variety of emotions may be experienced whilst playing an escape room which benefit the brain’s health, including excitement, satisfaction, confusion, even nervousness and fear.  Puzzle solving helps to increase awareness of surroundings, it increases our concentration, expands memory capacity, and even expands our creative thinking.  Aside from making our brains healthier, escape rooms can also improve our overall well-being!

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