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Struggling to know which game to choose? Here is a guide to our 4 awesome adventures on offer, so you can make the most out of your experience at The Escape Effect.  Whichever of our 75-minute, 90-minute or 120-minute uniquely-themed escape rooms you decide to play, you are always guaranteed a great time, with more puzzles, more time and more fun!

A player is organizing Sherlock's books on his shelf.

Sherlock Studies (75 minutes)

Fans of Clue will love immersing themselves in our 75-minute murder mystery meets escape room experience.  Sherlock Studies transports you right back to 1875s London and into the midst of a grisly murder investigation.  You’ll be sifting through evidence and piecing together the proof in order to deduce the who, what, where, why and when of that fateful night.  Attention to detail and a keen eye are your best assets in this game in order to uncover those crucial clues, but will you solve the mystery before the time runs out?

A couple works together to take on Apollo and Artemis' challenge.

At Odds With the Gods (90 minutes)

Are you ready to begin your quest and take on the trials set for you by the powerful gods of Mount Olympus?  At Odds With The Gods will test you to the limit as you undertake a slew of challenges in the pursuit of immortality.  This 90-minute escape room is jam packed with puzzles and is ideal for larger groups.  Fans of greek mythology will particularly appreciate this game, although no prior knowledge is needed to enjoy this awesome experience.

A photograph showing the dressing room in the dark with only the vanity lights illuminating a shadowy figure in the doorway.

Fright Before Your Eyes (90 minutes)

Reveal the theatre’s dark secret in our newest, eerie escape room experience with a twist. You play the role of modern-day ghost hunters in Fright Before Your Eyes, equipped with specialized tools in the most unique gameplay found anywhere in Orlando. Uncover the tortured souls from illusions past and reveal the gruesome fate they met at the hands of an infamous and evil magician, before he performed his own vanishing act 100 years ago. Fans of the 80s Ghostbusters franchise will especially revel in this encounter.

The players lift a portrait of the late king to reveal a hidden compartment.

A Knight To Escape (120 minutes)

Are you ready to storm the castle and rescue your comrades from an eternity trapped in the dark and desolate dungeon? A Knight To Escape is the ultimate, unique team building experience, as your party becomes separated within the castle walls for this 120-minute epic medieval tale. Communication and cooperation are key, with each side focused on solving half of every puzzle and requiring observation from both teams. You’ll need at least four players brave enough to even attempt this one. Arise to the challenge and emerge a gallant legend, in this age-old battle between good and evil.