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Have you ever gone to an escape room for the first time and just look at the rooms, not knowing which one to pick? Most escape rooms these days offer at least three different rooms of varying themes and difficulties. It can be especially hard looking at our selection, because not only are there varying themes, but varying lengths. If you have ever been this person, don’t worry, I am here to help! Below is a guide to making the most of your Escape Effect experience!
The players are investigating the many portraits around the room.

Sherlock Studies (75 minutes)

Sherlock Studies transports you back to 1875 London right in the middle of the literary works of Sir Conan Doyle. Lady Riccioletti is being convicted for the murder of Enoch Drebber. Can you piece together the evidence and prove her innocence in time? This room offers a unique twist to the traditional escape room. The room is also a murder mystery! This room is ideal for those seeking a new kind of escape room experience, those who have a keen eye, and for those fans of Criminal Minds and Clue that like to solve murders. While none of our rooms are easy, this particular room is a good start for those who are new to escape rooms or just new to our escape rooms. Be sure to bring your reading glasses though! Anything and everything you find could be a crucial piece of evidence to prove Lady Riccioletti’s innocence!

The players are mapping out Hermes' delivery routes.

At Odds With the Gods (90 minutes)

At Odds with the Gods is a quest to pass the trials of the Gods of Mount Olympus and in doing so, finding ambrosia to present to Zeus and earn your place as an immortal. This room is no easy feat. Be prepared for trying puzzles that will test your resolve. This room is challenging and is not recommended for smaller groups. This room is ideal for larger groups (such as birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties), lovers of greek mythology, as well as teams seeking a challenge.

A photograph of a silhouette in front of the stage door holding a top hat.

Fright Before Your Eyes (90 minutes)

Play the role of modern-day ghost hunters in this Fright Before Your Eyes, a 90-minute escape room. Equip yourselves with specialized tools to find out what really happened to Victor and his stage assistants 100 years ago.  This escape room, longer then 60 minutes, houses the most unique gameplay found anywhere in Orlando.  Fans of the 80s Ghostbusters franchise will especially appreciate this experience.

The player is exploring the outside of a dark castle and eyes are glowing in the distance.

A Knight To Escape (120 minutes)

A Knight to Escape is the ultimate team building experience. You begin the game separated from your team. Half of your team starts trapped in the dungeon while the rest of the team starts in the courtyard and must storm the castle and rescue your friends and family before it’s too late. Both sides offer an equally immersive and challenging experience and in this game communication is key! Each side will have half of each puzzle and will need to communicate everything they see to the other side. This room does require a team of at least four players due to the mechanics of the puzzles. This room is not recommended for small children and teams who have no escape room experience.  This room is ideal for larger groups (especially team outings!), escape room junkies looking for a challenge and teams that are looking for a truly unique experience.