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Did you know that there are over seventeen escape rooms in the Orlando area? With so many to choose from it can be difficult to decide where to play. Here at The Escape Effect we provide you with that thrilling premium experience you’ve been searching for. See what makes us the best escape room in Orlando!

Everything is designed and built in-house. When you visit, you’ll experience the friendliness of a small business with the quality of a major theme park, which means magic—and only in Orlando.

Play Your Way With Customized Experiences

At The Escape Effect, we believe that the best escape room is one that everyone can enjoy regardless of experience level. Therefore, if you’d like, we can customize your game to match the preference and experience level of the players.  We can include additional game elements to up the difficulty or add family-friendly items to create an easier experience.  The level of challenge is completely up to you and keeps everyone from the beginners to the enthusiasts engaged. We want to make sure that everyone has a good time!

The Longest Games With 120 Minutes Of Fun

Why stop at 60 minutes?  The Escape Effect was the first escape room in Orlando to craft longer experiences with 75, 90, and 120-minute adventures. Our longest game, A Knight To Escape, is the United States’ only 2-hour split escape room. Longer escape rooms mean more time to fully immerse yourself in the experience, and more fun overall.

The Best Escape Room Value On I-Drive

Did you know that almost half of the escape rooms in Orlando are all along International Drive? Their games average over $38 per game, and their games are typically only 60 minutes.  At The Escape Effect, you may be surprised that our least expensive game is $44.95 – but, that’s for a 75-minute game, which means you’re only paying $36 per hour. For the best value, you can enjoy a feature-length 120-minute experience at less than $30 per hour on weekdays!

All The Help You Want With Unlimited Hints

Do you want truly unlimited hints without a time penalty so you can fully enjoy the game? Immerse yourself into the story and ask for help at your leisure. Whether you are a player who would prefer extra guidance or one who wants more of a challenge, it’s all your call. We want you to have the best escape room experience possible. We can give you nudges in the right direction or stronger clues if you want more help.

We view the traditional system of three hints only as archaic, but many places still practice this, leaving players frustrated when they can’t advance through the game at an enjoyable pace.  That said, if you do have a competitive side, feel free to ask your host how we can change things up with our one-of-a-kind hint system.

The Most Unique Adventures

Are you craving a theme you haven’t played before?  If you are tired of the same story at every other escape room venue, we can provide you with immersive tales and gameplay experiences that you will not find anywhere else.  You won’t find a serial killer or explore yet another mad scientist’s laboratory here, and that’s one of the things that make us the best escape room in Orlando.

Here, you can step straight into a Sherlock Holmes novel and become a detective on a murder case. You may face off against the gods of Olympus and win your immortality. For the daring, brave Stonebury Castle to rescue your comrades before you face the wrath of the evil king. Fans of ghost stories can find something truly unique in our haunted theatre, with one-of-a-kind devices that will aid you in your search for ghosts.

A photograph of a vanity in a theater dressing room in one of the best escape rooms in Orlando.
A vanity mirror in a theater dressing room.

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