Early or late, you save great! Learn about special pricing morning and night!

Here at The Escape Effect, we have a legendary deal that everyone can take advantage of! No matter if you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll want to book swiftly if you want to take advantage of these fantastic offers!

All you need to do now is wing your way over to our games page to choose your adventure! Perhaps you’ll gather up evidence and help quack the case in our hoot-dunnit mystery Sherlock Studies, set in 1890s London. Maybe you will uncover the fowl play of an evil illusionist in Fright Before Your Eyes, as you eggs-plore backstage of an abandoned theatre. Or will you pick our 2-hour split-start castle game A Knight To Escape, where half the team will start as jail birds, trapped in the dark dungeon ready to be rescued? Finally, answer the call from Mount Olympus to fly through our Greek epic, At Odds With The Gods, in a race to become immortal!

A bird perches on a player with an offer overlaid for the Early Bird promotion.

We have an im-peck-able deal for early birds! When you play any game before noon, you’ll worm your way to a $10 discount on every ticket!

All you need to do is use the code EARLYBIRD when you book and you’ll have no egrets! 

If you’re more of a night owl you’ll want to check out this deal. Play any game after 9pm and you can save $10 on every ticket!

Simply use code NIGHTOWL when you reserve your game! Just make sure you grab your friends, so you won’t be owl by yourself!

An owl flies over a player with an offer overlaid for the Night Owl promotion.

You’ll have a hoot!

You’ll save $10 on every ticket when you choose your deal below:

Reserve any game after 9pm and use special code NIGHTOWL

Reserve any game before noon and use special code EARLYBIRD


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