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If you are a book worm that loves escape rooms but also appreciates curling up in a cozy corner, you’ll love worming your way through this list of literary delights. You’ll get the thrill of uncovering enigmas and unravelling riddles, without even having to leave your home…it’s perfect for the introverts among us!

Are you looking to uncover a story full of secrets?

If you’re a keen problem solver who wants a multitude of puzzles within an overarching story, these books tick all the boxes.

Covers for all three of the Journal29 book series.

Journal 29: Interactive Book Game

Journal 29 begins with the tale of a top secret excavation, where something unexpected happened on the 29th week. A team goes missing, with this journal being the only thing left behind. Now it is your turn to solve the mystery. This book is packed with riddles for you to solve, but it takes some out-of-the-box thinking! Each edition contains over 57 riddles, so there is plenty to keep you busy!

You’ll need to write, draw and fold pages in order to solve some of the riddles, which we understand is not for everyone. It also means you won’t be able to lend this book to a friend after you have completed it!

Who Would Like This?

If you love to be challenged, this one is great for experienced puzzlers. You’ll need to submit your answers online, so it’s not one to take on a vacation where access to the internet could be limited!

Front and back cover for The Cypher Files book.

The Cypher Files: An Escape Room… in a Book!

You have been called upon by a secret international agency who are working on code-based cases deemed unsolvable. It’s your job to uncover the secrets, of a series of mysterious disappearances. In order to do this you must decipher cryptic clues before it’s too late!

It is written by the same author that created Journal 29, and much like that one, The Cypher Files also requires taking a pair of scissors to some of the pages. Get ready to do some creative problem solving with writing, drawing, and searching elements, alongside virtual components.

Who Would Like This?

This book is easier than Journal 29, so it is more suited for intermediate puzzle enthusiasts. Note this is another one where the internet is required.

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Are you looking for traditional puzzles with a twist?

If you want puzzles you can to dip in and out of as you feel the need to tickle your brain, these will make the ideal reading companion!

Cover and inside page from the Master Theorem book.

The Master Theorem – A Book of Puzzles, Intrigue, and Wit

Puzzle books have come a long way from their humble beginnings. The Master Theorem is an excellent example of traditional brain-teasers with a twist. These are not your average puzzles, and as you can probably tell from the beautifully illustrated cover, it also contains an array of artfully designed pages.

For beginners, there are training puzzles so you can learn the basics before you dive right in, and also a healthy amount of hints in the back to help you along your way.

Who Would Like This?

No matter your age or skill level, many will enjoy working through this collection of conundrums at their leisure.

Where Can I Purchase This?

Cover and inside pages from the Murdle book series.

Murdle: Volume 1

You may have already heard of the popular online mystery game, Murdle. Now from the creators comes a book of the same name, for those of us who like to take on thrilling tales on paper! I don’t know about you, but for me there is something particularly satisfying about using pen and pencil to make detective notes and mark off suspects.

This collection of 100 puzzles will have you figuring out who the killer is through the use of maps, codes, and much more! You’ll be hooked for hours, and there’s no need to despair once you finish, as there is already a volume 2 and 3 available for purchase!

Who Would Like This?

If you love logic grids and playing detective, you’ll love solving your own mini mysteries!

Where Can I Purchase This?

Are you looking for educational escape for kids?

There is no need for junior escape room fans to be left out! Kids will find the key to adventure in these riveting reads.

Cover and inside page from an Escape Room Museum kids book.

Escape the Museum: Solve the Puzzles and Break Out!

You have been trapped inside a museum containing everything from mighty dinosaurs to ancient artefacts, and historical inhabitants. You’ll need to escape through problem solving. Hours of fun are guaranteed, piecing together the clues and cracking codes.

Escape the Museum also comes with die-cut card sheets you’ll use to create additional components. These aid with completing the challenges contained within the book, making the experience extra entertaining for kids who love to get hands on!

Who Would Like This?

Bored during the school holidays? It’s the ideal activity for parents who want to share their love for puzzles with the younger family members.

Where Can I Purchase This?

Covers from the Escape This Book series.

Escape This Book! Titanic and Tombs of Egypt

Escape This Book have several editions, all based on some of the greatest events in history, making them educational as well as entertaining! You’ll have a blast are you make your way through a choose-your-own-adventure style story.

In the Titanic edition, decide between playing as a crew member, passenger, or stowaway. In the Egypt version, pick a path as either a pharaoh, pyramid worker, or archaeologist. You’ll need to escape your fate by doodling, ripping, and folding pages, in this race-against-time adventure!

Who Would Like This?

This engaging escape is perfect for strong-willed junior explorers who can be opinionated when it comes to choosing which path to take!

Are you looking for an in-person escape room experience instead?

Sometimes there is nothing better than the thrill of the countdown timer in a physical escape room. If you love the tactile experience of a real life adventure, why not pay us a visit?

Players solving puzzles inside At Odds With The Gods.

The Escape Effect

You’ll feel like a winner when you play any of our four epic games at The Escape Effect. Have a get-together like no other with our incredible 75-minute90-minute, or 2-hour escape rooms. If you need some help deciding which one is for you, why not take our escape room quiz?

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Our games are fun for every member of the family, no matter your skill level. So grab your nearest and dearest for an awesome adrenaline-filled adventure!

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