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With Your Support, We Were Able To Donate $559!

We are thankful for…

A Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando worker carrying a small dog.

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. They are a veterinary clinic and adoption organization with multiple locations throughout Central Florida. They provide medical care and adoption services for thousands of animals every year, in addition to hosting numerous events to help animals find loving homes. This organization holds a special place in the hearts of our employees—some of us here at The Escape Effect have used The Pet Alliance’s services for their pets, and the people working there have always treated our pets with the greatest care.

Two months ago, a tragic fire destroyed their Orlando clinic. Since then, The Pet Alliance has been working to build a new clinic while continuing to care for the animals that were rescued from the fire. We want to show our support for this amazing organization.

How can we donate?

Whether it be for bedding, food, or costs associated with the rebuild, The Pet Alliance can surely use cash to spend on whatever it is that they most need. As such, The Escape Effect is running a donation drive this holiday season.

As a player, you are welcome to make a donation when you visit us. We’ll be collecting donations up until December 29, 2021. Once all donations are tallied up, The Escape Effect will match the total donation, up to $500! Let’s make this work!

Not in Orlando?

Still want to donate towards The Pet Alliance, but you’re not in the area? Give our hosts a call and we’ll count your donation towards our goal! And if you prefer to donate directly to the Pet Alliance, that’s fine too. Just send us a receipt before we tally up and we’ll count that number towards the overall, total donation that we match.


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