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As I write this, I am sitting in the courtyard of our new medieval game, A Knight to Escape.  The surroundings, the lighting, the music – just wow!

  • I’m expecting players to run through adrenaline, fear, heroism, intrigue, and surprise!
  • I’m expecting players to be challenged with puzzles never before seen.
  • I’m expecting players to scream wildly when the game has been won and blame each other if lost!  🙂
  • I have never expected to be part of such a wonderful team with the right mix of drive, talent, and patience.
  • I have never expected to be a part of a company where the players, the fans, and our community is very supportive and appreciative.
  • I feel anticipation.  I feel emotional.  I feel proud.

With the right team (“check”) and with the right Beta Testers (soon to be “check”), I feel confident that The Escape Effect will offer the best entertainment experience in all of Orlando.

Thank you – to everyone.


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