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Saturday Night Live has been a staple of American television since 1975.  It’s been there as a constant in good times and bad, but has always found a way to make us laugh through parody.

We have organized a number of skits into several categories that we suspect will resonate with the quintessential escape room enthusiast.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some really deep belly laughs for the next couple hours.


If you’re a fan of escape rooms that blend a mystery into the narrative, then you’ll love these skits where SNL steps into some ridiculous crime scenes.  Click the button below to watch 3 different skits, including one that’s an offshoot of Scooby-Doo!

Bonus Skit!

Check out this bonus skit where Bill Hader exaggerates the role of host Keith Morrison from Dateline.  He’s not exactly solving a crime, but we’re in the same ballpark here!

Video Games

We have often said that an escape room is like a video game, but played out IRL.  It’s an activity that involves exploration, problem solving, and teamwork.  SNL has done a great job, especially in more recent days, of paying homage to games like Mortal Kombat and Fortnite, which have helped define pop culture.  Click the button below to watch now!

Bonus Skit!

What’s the first title that comes to mind when it comes to video games?  Pong?  Ms. Pac-Man?  Street Fighter?  What about Super Mario Brothers?  SNL went there, but not in the way you’d imagine.  On a side note, can you find the slip-up made by Melissa Villasenor when delivering her lines?

Game Shows

The thrill of the win and the agony of defeat.  The pressure of answering a question or accomplishing a task in the nick of time.  We’ve been watching game shows since our childhoods.  At The Escape Effect, we even look to some of these beloved television programs like The Price Is Right, Classic Concentration, and Wheel of Fortune as inspiration for our escape rooms.  Click the button below to see how SNL handles the ups and downs of game shows.

Bonus Skit!

A game show where details matter.  Inspired by those “find the differences” activities often seen in Highlights Magazine, the contestants make the host, played by Kenan Thompson, rethink why he is at the helm of this program.


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