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Escape rooms are a great Valentine’s Day date night activity. They’re a fun and engaging way to spend time with your loved one. In the heat of the game, you can see a new side to one another. As the clock winds down, do you two stay calm or start to get anxious? Do you cooperate on puzzles or spread out until the other needs help?

There are many ways that you may tackle escape rooms. Before choosing your room, take this quiz to see what kind of escape room couple you two are!

What kind of escape room couple are you?

A blue question mark.

You're ten minutes in and you haven't figured out where to start. What do the two of you do?

Ask for a hint.
Scour the room all over again.
Insult one another until someone asks for a hint.
Lay on the floor to look at everything from a new perspective.



A pink puzzle with hearts.

Your partner has been working on a puzzle for a while but can't solve it. What do you do?

Help them solve it.
Ask for a hint.
Move them out of the way and take over.
Hit them with your coat sleeve to make them listen to you.



A rubix cube with a heart design.

You have a clue and have not figured out what puzzle it's for. What does your partner do?

Ask what the clue is for to see if they can help.
Lean over your shoulder until you give it to them.
Take the clue away from you to look at it on their own.
Write on you with a marker until you figure it out.



A picture of a clock's hands.

You're halfway through the game. Your partner is worried that you won't finish in time. What do you say?

"Don't worry! We can make it."
"It'll be fine even if we don't win."
"That's what makes it more exciting!"
"Then you'd better get going."



An hourglass with sand falling to the bottom.

There's only fifteen minutes left and you just found the final puzzle. What now?

Both of you work quickly to solve the puzzle.
You panic while your partner scrambles to solve the puzzle.
Your partner panics while you scramble to solve the puzzle.
Both of you panic while trying to solve the puzzle.
Both of you panic and the puzzle remains unsolved until the very end.



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The Valentine’s Day escape room couples quiz






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