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Are you tired of the same old gifts and want to do something more personal for a puzzle-loving partner? We’ve put together a list of ideas for the escape room enthusiast in your life, so you can treat the one you love with a puzzle-themed present they are sure to adore.

Are you looking for something to play together?

If you love nothing more than spending your evening playing board and card games with your boo, why not try something new you can enjoy together?

The box from Cards At War and a face down deck of cards.

Cards At War

Cards At War is a card game designed by The Escape Effect. Inspired by the classic game, War, and our escape room At Odds With The Gods, this game features the powers of the Greek gods. But that’s not all, there is even a bonus puzzle hunt you can work through together.

Who Would Like This?

If you have an Aphrodite or Adonis in your life that appreciates mythology, they’ll love this card game. The bonus hunt will be especially appreciated by puzzle enthusiasts.

Where Can I Purchase This?

Cards At War is available from The Escape Effect online store.

Graphic for the Alone Together puzzle game.

Alone Together

Alone Together is an online game perfect for couples, as the two of you will need to maintain constant communication to solve the puzzles together and escape. It was created by Enchambered, who run a real life escape room experience in California.

Who Would Like This?

It’s the perfect activity for long distance couples or those who are apart this Valentine’s Day and want to do something a bit different.

Where Can I Purchase This?

The game is free, but you can support the company through gofundme. You can play Alone Together, and several other puzzles, on the Enchambered website.

Box art for Patchwork Valentine Edition.


A quilt-making puzzle might not sound the most exciting game in the world, but trust us, it can be pretty fun! Patchwork has 2 players competing to create the most aesthetically pleasing quilt. It even comes in Valentine Edition to make it an even more perfect gift for February 14th!

Who Would Like This?

You don’t have to be into quilts to enjoy this game, but it sure wouldn’t hurt! For a partner who equally loves crafting and challenge it can’t get more apt than this.

Where Can I Purchase This?

Both original Patchwork and Valentine Edition are available on Amazon.

Are you looking for a sentimental gift?

Why not make Valentine’s extra special with a surprise that will be close to their heart? These personalized presents are the ultimate way to show how much your sweetheart means to you.

A puzzle from Butler and Hill in a heart shape.

Heart Shaped Personalized US Map Puzzle

Heart shape? Check! Puzzle? Check! But wait, there’s more. You can get this puzzle personalized with a map of anywhere in the US! It could be where you first met, got married, your home…the choice is yours! Butler And Hill knocked it out the park with this one!

Who Would Like This?

This is a great gift to commemorate a place that holds special meaning for the two of you. You could even frame the puzzle once completed for a wonderful keepsake.

Where Can I Purchase This?

This Heart Shaped Personalized US Map Puzzle is available for purchase at Butler And Hill.

Crossword blanket made by Cozyloftdesigns on Etsy.

Personalized Crossword Blanket

Does your partner always complain they are cold? Cozyloftdesigns on Etsy have the perfect solution with their Personalized Crossword Blanket. You can request 12 words that will be definitely be included, and several others that might be used to fill the gaps! It’s sure to be cherished by someone who appreciates a more personal touch to gifting.

Who Would Like This?

If your partner is always wrapped in a blanket, even when they are gaming, look no further than this fun AND functional gift that will warm their heart as well as body!

Where Can I Purchase This?

These blankets are made by Cozyloftdesigns on Etsy, who also have several other personalized items for purchase.

Personalized game night score notepad made by Jaxandkate on Etsy.

Game Night Personalized Notepad

This fun illustrated Game Night Personalized Notepad is made by Jaxandkate on Etsy. Not only is it practical for couples who love to spend their evenings playing games together, but it can be personalized to include your names. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, every game night, and jealous friends and family will be asking where you found it!

Who Would Like This?

It’s the perfect small token of affection that will show how much you appreciate time puzzling together with your sweetheart.

Where Can I Purchase This?

This is available through Jaxandkate’s store on Etsy, who have many adorable personalized stationery options.

Are you looking for a wearable gift?

Buying your other half something to wear can sometimes be a little risky. But these suggestions are bound to be a sure fire hit for any puzzle-loving partner!

A photograph of puzzle piece earrings and necklace.

Puzzle Piece Necklace And Earrings

Have you found the missing piece to your puzzle? Why not show your beloved that they complete you, with this charming jewelry collection. You can either buy each one individually, or why not purchase both to complete the set. Every time they wear them, they will be sure to remember the love you share fondly.

Who Would Like This?

If you have a certain someone in your life who is like a magpie when it comes something shiny, they will adore the look and thought behind this gift.

Where Can I Purchase This?

Both of these pieces are available in the Escape Effect store.

A photography showing two shirts with the phrase Perfect Fit, with an image of a key and padlock.

Perfect Fit Matching Shirts

These Perfect Fit matching shirts will have you wearing your heart on your sleeve…or chest! The black shirt features a bold padlock design, whereas the white one bears the matching key. It’s an awesome shirt combo for any escape room enthusiast, and not only is this a gift for your partner, but also one for you too…bonus!

Who Would Like This?

If you’re not afraid to show your love for each other (and for puzzles) in public, then these shirts are the perfect fit, especially on an escape room date night!

Where Can I Purchase This?

You’ll find both of these shirts on the official Escape Effect store.

Are you looking for an escape room experience this Valentine’s Day?

Still stuck? Don’t panic, here is an additional idea for that special someone that says ‘I love you’ and ‘I love puzzles’ in equal amounts.

A couple works together to take on Apollo and Artemis' challenge.

An Escape Room Experience

Make awesome memories with a date night you won’t forget at The Escape Effect. We have several epic adventures you can brave together, whether they are the Sherlock to your Watson, or the Hades to your Persephone (hey, we’re not here to judge). If you’re not sure what game they will want to play, it’s no problem with an Escape Effect Gift Card!

Who Would Like This?

If you’re both escape room enthusiasts, playing a game together will strengthen your relationship one puzzle at a time! You’ll treasure the memory for years to come!

Where Can I Purchase This?

Book a game or buy your gift card on the Escape Effect online store.


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