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Some “memey” entries

We ran an escape room meme contest earlier in the month, asking you to caption a photo just begging to be “memed”. There were quite some entries that we liked. For example:

Nah guys, we don’t need a hint

connor.moon707, Instagram

Don’t worry, this is one of our easier rooms…

hicarliii, Instagram

The math is clear. We can do every escape room today!

James Sewell, Facebook

When you ask for a clue and they say it’s somewhere on this wall.

Corey Gammon, Facebook

What’s this Mark Rober video?

You’d be hard pressed to find an escape room enthusiast who hasn’t seen this Mark Rober video. But, if you’re new to the game or just don’t hang out on YouTube or Facebook much, Mark is a scientist who possesses a joy for learning and teaching. His videos are viewed by millions because they are fun AND informative. The video in question is one that he put out 2-3 years ago where he lists out 10 escape room tips. It goes a little something like this.

On a side note, we’re fans of Mark Rober, but not just for his escape room video. At The Escape Effect, our development team shares a joy of learning, teaching, and execution; it’s how we’re able to build the sets, technology, and everything that goes into our escape rooms. If you also feel this passion, we recommend subscribing to his channel and if you’re seeking work, our team is always welcoming to passionate individuals!

Congrats to the winner!

With that comes our winner who submitted the caption for our escape room meme. Congratulations to emma_van03 from Instagram, you just won a 4-pack of tickets to any single escape room at The Escape Effect!

Do you want more of this?

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