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Escape rooms are known for being quite difficult sometimes. You might assume that this challenge comes from the many varied puzzles that escape room centers contain, which can stump teams sometimes. However, there are other aspects to some escape rooms that make the game harder and more interesting at the same time.

Seemingly simple details can turn out to be quite the challenge. The following are five parts of escape rooms that might surprise you. If you’re interested in testing your ability to complete challenges under pressure, think about checking out our escape room center!

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Keeping an eye on the time

Escape rooms are games played against the clock. To do well, it’s important to make sure you use your time efficiently and effectively. This is easier said than done, however. Some puzzles can pull your attention for much longer than you expect. It can be a shock to see how quickly the time went by—even if that escape room is 2 hours long. However it’s mostly the nature of the rooms themselves that can lead to loosing track of the time you have left.

As immersive experiences, the best escape rooms are designed to pull you into the world and story of the game. No matter the specific theme, you are stepping into that reality and taking on a role to solve a problem. When you let yourself be swept up in the theater of the moment, the time goes incredibly quickly. You might even forget to check the timer until there’s only a few minutes left!

A photograph of a shadowy figure using the SD1000 to view spectral messages in Fright Before Your Eyes in an escape room center.

Thoroughly searching the space

In every escape room center, there are many different kinds of puzzles in play to different people’s strengths and skills. Among all of those skills, observation is the most important. You need to be able to find the puzzles before you can solve them. You might expect that one of the most simple tasks would be to find items hidden around the room. However, it might surprise you to learn that this can trip up many players.

The human mind is an amazing thing, but it can also prevent someone from processing what’s right in front of their face. When the item you’re looking for blends in with the surroundings, the chance of noticing on first glance is pretty low. Even in a room set on bright Mount Olympus, certain objects really don’t stand out. It can be quite shocking just how much gets overlooked in these rooms. Remember to search high, low, and double-check areas to be sure you don’t miss anything!

The players are assembling a mind map of the evidence.

Solving a mystery

There are many murder mystery-themed escape rooms in the world, and they all ask one major question: who is the culprit? Some escape room centers guide the teams directly to the answer just by playing through the room. However, others require a lot more thought. This underlying mystery is often a separate puzzle from others in the room. When you have to study the evidence closely, it can be surprising difficulty to determining the correct answer.

It can be easy to lose track of details and story beats while you’re busy doing other tasks. You might have learned the alibi of suspect early on and completely forgotten that piece of information by the time you need it! Keeping track of the mystery as you go can help with this, but no system is really infallible. The added pressure of time can also be a distraction, as you find yourself rushing and focusing on the clock instead of the mystery. However, despite the extra challenge, figuring out the answer to these mysteries is incredibly satisfying.

The player is reaching into a glowing treasure chest.

Finding an extra secret

Not every part of an escape room is required. Sometimes an escape room center will give you a bonus objective, such as finding a bonus within the game for an extra reward. Side quests like these can really take you off the beaten path, requiring you to look for clues that are not part of the main story. The clues might even be found outside the room itself, increasing the difficulty of the experience and forcing you to think outside the box.

Extras in escape rooms are also difficult because it takes some of your time and energy to search through the room. However, despite the added challenge, these secrets are incredibly rewarding to find.

Two players look over clues in Sherlock Studies.


Everyone expects to use their mental abilities at escape room center. However, since escape rooms are team games, it’s just as important to effectively communicate with your teammates. While this might seem simple, you might be surprised by just how hard it is to communicate properly when you’re in the game. Even with people you know well, it can be a difficult task. It is often a failure to work together that dooms an escape attempt.

This is especially true in split rooms, where players start in different rooms. Communication is often the main component of split room puzzles. It’s essential to remember that, even when you are not in the same space, you are still working together. Your teammate could have the information you need to solve a puzzle and vice versa. Hording clues or forgetting to share details with your teammates only makes the game harder. But, because you are forced to rely on one another, escape rooms can bring people together, making them a great bonding experience!

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