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Why not create a memory you will treasure for years to come this Valentine’s Day! If you’re both escape room enthusiasts, you’ll know how playing games together can strengthen your relationship one puzzle at a time!

We have several epic adventures you can brave together, whether they are the Sherlock to your Watson, or the Hades to your Persephone. You’ll be sure to please your puzzle-loving partner with a game at The Escape Effect!

This Valentine’s week, why not also grab some friends and make it a double date in any of our 4 adventures! Will you choose A Knight To Escape, where cooperation and communication skills are put to the test or hide behind your boo in the spookier parts of Fright Before Your Eyes?! From February 12th to February 16th 2024, you will receive 1 ticket completely free for every 3 purchased!


Receive 1 ticket completely free for every 3, on games played February 12th to February 16th 2024! Just use code VALENTINES24 when booking to redeem this deal.

A Valentine’s Day gift for escape room enthusiasts

So you have an awesome date sorted at The Escape Effect, and you can grab dinner nearby when you’re done. But what about a gift for your fellow escape room enthusiast? If you’ve found the missing piece to your puzzle, we have a number of options to show your beloved that they complete you. From fun t-shirts to collectibles that commemorate the rooms you’ve completed together, you’re sure to find the perfect fit in our store.

This Valentine’s week, when you shop in-store we are offering an awesome double discount of 20% off! But hurry, this offer is only available from February 12th until February 16th 2024.

Not sure what to choose? Take the guesswork out of gift giving with an Escape Effect gift box. It’s stuffed full with an awesome assortment of puzzle-themed merchandise for the enthusiast in your life.

The Perfect Fit Gift Box

The perfect gift for your perfect fit! This gift box comes with matching lock and key Perfect Fit t-shirts and a set of puzzle-themed accessories.

The Perfect Fit gift box has a collection of fun accessories featuring escape room icons, including matching shirts for you and your favorite escape room partner. All these items are also available individually in our store.


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