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There are many types of ghosts in the world. At least, there are many stories about ghosts. Legends and lore describe many ways in which a person might end up lingering after death. Haunting buildings, replaying pieces of their lives, or messing with the living. At The Escape Effect, we’re no strangers to the dark and creepy. We have our own ghost story in Fright Before Your Eyes.

Have you ever wondered what type of ghost you’ll become when your time is up? Take this quiz and find out.

A person wearing a skeleton Halloween mask.

Are you known for pulling pranks or startling people?

Absolutely! I love messing with people (all in good fun, of course).
I wouldn't say I'm known for it, but I've played a few jokes on occasion.
I've never really been the prankster type.
Actually, I'm usually the one getting pranked.



An assortment of old maps on a table.

Do you prefer to travel, or are you more of a homebody?

"Wanderlust" is my middle name. I love visiting new places.
I like to travel a bit when I get the chance.
I don't go out often, but I won't turn down an invitation.
Home is where the heart is. I don't need to visit anywhere else.



A set of clocks in a dark plaza, all reading 12-o-clock.

How often do you wish there was more time in the day?

All the time. There's so much that I want to do!
Pretty often. Life gets busy sometimes, you know?
Once in a while, when I can't get everything done.
Never. My life is pretty relaxed.



A person walking on a foggy road.

Do you have a lot of plans for the future?

Oh yes. There are so many things to do!
Yeah, I have a few things that I plan to do soon.
I make plans once in a while, but not often.
I don't make plans. I just take each day as it comes.



An old building with a shadowy figure in it.

Are you a fan of ghosts and other spooky things?

I don't really go out of my way for anything spooky.
I don't mind something spooky once in a while.
Yes. Ghosts and spooks are a lot of fun, especially around Halloween. . .
I AM the spooky thing.



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What Type Of Ghost Will You Become?





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See What Type Of Ghost Lurks In The Escape Effect

Play Fright Before Your Eyes and go on your very own ghost-hunting adventure. What ghosts are hiding backstage in the old Grand Compass Theatre?


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