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A Courteous Cancellation Policy

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We Understand

Looking For Safety & Flexibility In Your Experience?

In these unpredictable times, we understand that you want to be able to book with confidence. That’s why, we have a very flexible cancellation policy. In the event that you cannot make your reservation due to health & safety guidelines, please contact us with at least a 48-hour notice and you’ll have the option of cancelling or rescheduling to another date.

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Longer Resets

Our hosts have ample time to disinfect the games.

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Private Games

Only participate with the team you have assembled.

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Self Check-In

Call a host when you arrive and sign-in on your phone.

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Masks Required

Our hosts and all guests will wear face coverings.

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Social Distancing

All hosts will practice 6-foot distancing measures.

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Game Adjustments

Higher-touch elements have been modified.

Just The Facts

Questions About The Policy

What exactly is a 48-hour notice?

In order to cancel or reschedule your game, you must contact us at least 48 hours ahead of your game reservation time. For example, if you have booked A Knight To Escape at 3:00pm on June 4, 2021, you would need to call us before 3:00pm on June 2, 2021, to cancel or reschedule.

Are masks required?

As of June 2021, we have relaxed our policy so that only fully-vaccinated guests may remove their masks inside the escape rooms. All guests must keep their masks on within common areas. See the CDC for more information about what fully-vaccinated people can do.

Why reschedule instead of cancel?

When you choose to reschedule your reservation, you’ll lock in the current price instead of risking a price increase, you won’t need to wait 5-10 days for the credit card company to credit your account, AND you also get to support a small, family-run business!

What are your cleaning procedures?

We have been following guidance by health officials like the CDC. Plus, we’re doing even more by implementing best practices that include social distancing, face masks, and more. Our CEO, Dan Suleski, has written an article that shares the details.

What if I cancel or reschedule with less than a 48-hour notice?

At that point, The Escape Effect reserves the right to choose how to proceed on a case-by-case basis. Most likely, we’ll refund all tickets except the minimum number required for the reserved room. However, if you miss your game completely or do not try cancelling until just before the game start time, there will be no refund or reschedule.

Can I still come to a game I just cancelled?

There is no guarantee that the canceled game will still be available. Although, we are happy to accommodate as is possible. Please call us.

Will I be paired up with strangers?

No, Pre-quarantine, we were offering optional private bookings. Since the pandemic, we have gone “fully-private” regardless of how many players are on your team. For those who are hoping to join existing teams, we will reconsider going back to the regular public/private options once the pandemic is considered finished.

Four escapes. More puzzles, more time, more fun!

Safety In Mind


We will continue to look to health-related agencies like the CDC and WHO for guidance. Please watch our Facebook or Twitter pages for further announcements or visit our Escape Effect Blog periodically. In the meantime, here are some resources you may find helpful.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have.