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Book With Confidence

Looking For Safety & Flexibility In Your Experience?

In these unpredictable times, we completely understand that you want to be able to book with confidence.  That’s why, in the event that The Escape Effect is closed or you are unable to make your reservation due to health and safety guidelines, you are covered, whether you have already reserved a game or if you make one today.  For any game scheduled for play before November 1, 2021, you can cancel or reschedule with at least a 48-hour notice.

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Longer Reset Times

Our hosts have ample time to disinfect the games

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All Private Games

Only participate with the team you have assembled

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Contactless Check-In

Call a host when you arrive and sign-in on your phone.

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Face masks required

Our hosts and all guests will wear face coverings

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Social Distancing

All hosts will practice 6-foot distancing measures

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Smart Game Adjustments

Higher-touch elements have been modified.

Or for any questions, please call a host at (855) 426-3372.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Book With Confidence" policy?

The Book With Confidence policy provides peace of mind to customers that have reservations for games before November 1, 2021.

In the event that The Escape Effect is closed or you are unable to make the reservation due to health and safety guidelines, you can call and cancel your reservation with at least a 48-hour notice and have the option of a refund or a credit for any time in 2021.

How long will I have to redeem future game credits?

Your “Book With Confidence” future game credit must be redeemed on or before December 31, 2021.

How do I move or cancel my reservation?

If you are unable to make your reservation due to health and safety concerns call us with at least a 48-hour notice at (855) 426-3372 to receive a credit or refund, your choice.

If your call comes in less than 48 hours away from your reservation, there will be a cancellation charge of two tickets, at our discretion.

When it comes to rescheduling, what is a 48-hour notice?

In order to receive your future game credit or refund, you must call at least 48 hours ahead of your game reservation time.

For Example, if you have booked A Knight To Escape at 3:00pm on June 4, 2021, you would need to call us by 3:00pm on June 2, 2021, to receive your future game credit or refund.

What is the benefit of taking the future game credit?

When you elect to have a credit for a future game, you make it easy to re-book at a future date, you help support a small business, and you lock in the current game pricing.

What are you doing to prevent the spread of coronavirus in your games?

We are following guidance by health officials like the CDC.  Plus, we’re doing even more by implementing best practices that include social distancing, face masks, and more.  Our CEO, Dan Suleski, has written an article that shares the details.

Will I be paired up with strangers?

We’ve been doing optional private bookings for a long timeWe just announced a new way to make your booking private directly through our reservation system.  However, for the time being, all games are defaulting to “fully-private” regardless of how many players are on your team.

For those who were hoping to join existing teams, we will reconsider going back to the regular public/private options once consensus on the matter is stabilized.

Will I be required to wear a mask or gloves?

In order to comply with Orange County mandates, we will be requiring all guests to wear a mask during their experience. However, gloves are optional and are available upon request.

For more information about masks and mask safety click the following link:

What’s Happening Next?

We will continue to look to health-related agencies like the CDC and WHO for guidance.  Please watch our Facebook or Twitter pages for further announcements or check back here at the EE Blog periodically.

In the meantime, we would like to share some resources that we have found particularly helpful.

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