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Have you ever played a 60-minute escape game and felt that it was just too short?  Did you want more time to become immersed in the story?  Or, did you win the game with half your time left and felt cheated out of a full experience?  Well we have the solution for you.  The Escape Effect is the only escape game in Orlando to offer games that are longer than the traditional 60-minutes.  We have the longest, most immersive, and most challenging games in Orlando that are packed full of intrigue.

Not only do our games contain more puzzles than any other found in Orlando, but we also have the ability to set the challenge level of each game so that it’s just right for your team.  Our games are designed so that everyone on the team participates – it’s not just about one or two players actively engaging the environment, but rather everyone.

When you play Sherlock Studies you will be immersed in the Sherlock Holmes mystery books.  You have 75-minutes to explore his study and find the evidence he left behind.  Can you find where he left the clues, put the pieces together, and save the accused?

At Odds With The Gods, the area’s first 90-minute game, transports you to Ancient Greece to face the challenges of fourteen Greek gods.  Does your team have what it takes to tackle a variety of challenges and claim the Ambrosia?

In a country-wide first, there’s A Knight To Escape, the first two-hour split game!  You’ll find that communication is key as you work to solve never-before-seen challenges.  Can you escape the castle with your captured teammates before the guards catch you?

With immersive sets, challenging puzzles, and unique stories, The Escape Effect can satisfy your desire for a more robust experience.

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