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When the countdown clock ticks ever closer to zero and you’re faced with the challenge of your latest adventure, you’ll need to work together if you want to escape.  A diverse, well-balanced and compatible lineup is the key to success when gathering your team.

Whether you assume the role of The Investigator, The Explorer, The Olympian, The Prisoner or The Knight, all of these parts provide a crucial skill set that will prove useful during your next escapade. 

The players investigate the items on the desk for clues.

The Investigator

Bringing attention to detail and a logical approach, The Investigator works on those meticulous tasks that may make other teammates frustrated.  Investigators are skilled thinkers who can make crucial connections between clues that may otherwise be missed.

The player receives a mystery call while backstage.

The Explorer

With fresh eyes and a focused frame of mind, The Explorer navigates back and forth across the room, discovering details and items others might miss.  Experts at finding pieces out of place and often the first to uncover the clues, they are an invaluable ally.

The players attempt to piece together the puzzle.

The Olympian

The creative thinker and strategy solver. Just like Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, The Olympian has no difficulty deciphering and decoding.  A pro at puzzles and seeking out patterns, Olympian’s only obstacle is they are prone to focusing too long on one task and need to keep track of the overall objective.

A desiccated skeleton of a prisoner is chained to the wall of the dungeon cell.

The Prisoner

Whilst every other member of the team is rushing around in a panicked frenzy, The Prisoner is most likely to be sitting in a corner of the room with their eyes glazed over, bewildered and bored.  Most likely dragged to the escape room by a team who were missing a player, Prisoner’s disinterested disposition could prove a stumbling block for their eager pals.

Player holding a lantern and looking around the castle corner.

The Knight

Instrumental in keeping their party on the right path and prioritizing tasks, The Knight assumes the leadership role.  Maintaining motivation whilst managing fellow players is a must and communication is key.  Knights should continually check in with each player and delegate tasks to ensure success in reaching their objective.