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It’s time once more for the annual Pokemon GO Fest! On June 4 and 5, players from all over the world can work together to beat challenges and unlock rewards. There will be special raid events, Pokemon appearances, an increased appearance of shiny Pokemon, and many other events! It’s going to be a busy weekend for those that join the festivities, with lots of rewards to collect.

Many of us at The Escape Effect like to play Pokemon GO, and there just so happens to be a gym next to us. In a way, you could say that our hosts are like the gym trainers here. They hold the gym and try to reclaim it when it get taken over by rival teams (though some of the hosts may be on rival teams).

For this year’s Pokemon GO Fest, we’re inviting players to participate in a special challenge.

Our challenge to players

If you play Pokemon GO and want to take on our gym trainer hosts, you have a chance to earn a gym badge! We have four pins to choose from, one based on each of our escape rooms.

The four pins available as badges for the Pokemon Go event: a magnifying glass, a shield, a skull, and a hand holding playing cards.

This challenge is simple. All you have to do is beat one of our hosts in a battle in Pokemon GO. If you win, you get to choose which badge you are awarded. Each trainer can only earn one.

A screenshot of a code needed to challenge a nearby trainer to a battle in Pokemon GO.

In order to challenge a host, you’ll need to go into the main menu of Pokemon GO and tap “Battle.” Once you’re on the Battle screen, scroll down to the “Nearby Battle” section and find the QR code. The host will go to the same screen and select “Scan A Battle Code.” Once the host scans your battle code, you can both choose your Pokemon and begin the match!

Good luck!

If you’re not going to be in the Orlando area to participate in this challenge, be sure to follow us on social media! We’ll often make announcements there throughout the year. We hope to see you soon!


Use promo code GOFEST22 to get 15% off per ticket, or use the button below to apply the code automatically! Additionally, if you beat one of our hosts in a Pokemon GO battle on July 4 or 5, you’ll earn your very own free gym badge (a pin of your choosing). Limit one per person while supplies last.


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